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As you can all probably already tell from my {I’m Weird} series, I don’t exactly consider myself “normal.” I’ve always been totally cool with that, though, because normal is pretty boring to me and I like to be weird. Which is why when I found Atomic Cowlick I knew I found a shop that totally understood where I was coming from.

While Atomic Cowlick provides an array of graphic tee’s and accessories
for ladies and gents, their new line, The Women, is focused on the
always changing attitudes of everyday ladies.  Currently, there are four
ladies to choose from highlighting the goofy side, love for design,
eccentric taste, and our devotion to Mother Nature. Have a look and tell them the type of woman you are.  Atomic Cowlick also taking suggestions on
characters for upcoming ladies to add to the collection, so tell them The
Woman you want to see!

Today I’m really excited to be giving away my FAVORITE top from The Women Collection: The Weirdo.  I mean, come on,  how could I not love this shirt?

One lucky winner will get a Weirdo t-shirt in their choice of apricot, heather blue or burnout tissue tee in slate blue or white!

Here’s How To Enter
{continue to the bottom of this post
for the winner of the Oh So Antsy giveaway}
a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.S. The winner of the Oh So Antsy giveaway is entry #125 Que Sera Sera! I’ll be sending you an email soon!

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    aw such a cute giveaway!! i've been trying to think what name i would choose…maybe like…the quirky one…quirkster hahaa idk..orr something like crafty or artsy…or music! hah maybe i should just go with indecisive!

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