Meet Izzy

I realize I haven’t really talked about Boyfriend too much.
Aside from saying “Boyfriend this” and “Boyfriend that”.
So this is him.
His name is Izzy (Israel).
He’s 31, from Milwaukee and allows me to be me (and even does my dishes (I know, he rocks right?)).
We enjoy cupcakes, movie marathons and our crazy poodles.
And I’m pretty sure I’m one of the luckiest girls ever.
So, when I mention Izzy, now you know who he is.

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    Here's my official welcome: Hi Izzy! You've picked an awesome lady and you don't sound too bad yourself! Here's to HAPPINESS!!!

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    He seems like a GREAT guy–I'm so so happy for you two!

    Thanks for introducing him. I've been wondering who this man is who has captured your heart! :)

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    Though I'll probably (definitely) be receiving some flak for it, THANK YOU all for the flattering comments – rest assured, I KNOW what an amazing girl I'm with, and I know the equally amazing people Krysten works so hard to surround herself with and befriend. Thank you all from me, thank you all for keeping up with 'Why Girls Are Weird', and for being who you all are. Looking forward to the future. :) – "Izzykins"

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    He's cute! And three cheers for boys who do the dishes. Thanks for the comment today. I'm your newest follower! Don't be a stranger,


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