Happy Friday V1.6


10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week
1. Pink skinny jeans
2. Boyfriend finally seeing a doctor
3. Filling out graduation paperwork
4. Maroon 5’s new single Payphone
5. My first pair of Toms
6. Oreos and milk
7. Saving over $50 at Old Navy
8. RaeLynn getting kicked off The Voice (she was AWFUL)
9. Knowing I will move on
10. Punk’d

P.S. This list was pretty hard to come up with this week, despite some really great things I had someone totally rain on my parade last night. And it really hurts and although I was told to not take it personally I AM taking it personally. But… I did this list anyway, because I NEEDED to. And I guess I feel a little better.

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    when life is toughest i try to write out a list like this. it helps even if it might be a hard one to write. and this is such a good list – loving Payphone, too! and who can say no to Oreos and Toms!

    p.s. hope you have a better weekend than week. love you!

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    Btw, I just randomly ended up at your blog and spend about 20 second moving the scroll bar left to right while watching the banner. The items in your banner move while the banner stays put – WEIRD. (;

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    These lists are good for me, it's easy to lose perspective in the negativity! But don't do it missy! You are GRADUATING! Yay =D

    Love love Payphone! & been DYING for my 1st Toms! = D

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    Punk'd is so good this season. I like how it's different celebrities doing the punking. I can't stop laughing at the episode when Bam punked Tyler the Creator. Tyler jumped so high into the cab of the truck when he heard the explosion.

    I am waiting for the episode when Miley Cyrus punks Liam Hemsworth.

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    Happy to hear you are feeling better, girl. Sometimes we just have to take a step back to put things in perspective. So great to see you looking on the bright side.


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