Weekend Off


Well, this weekend was my first successful weekend at NOT blogging. And I have to admit, it was kind of nice.

There were a few times in which I was wonder what was up in blog land. And I did still check in on Twitter, which I typically have open if my computer is on. But I didn’t go to Google Reader at all and I also didn’t open my blog up.

Work this weekend was actually pretty okay. We were relatively slow (as far as weekend mornings go) because it’s spring break this coming week at both the university in town and the elementary and secondary school.

I will say that silly daylight savings didn’t make for good sleeping. I kept waking up throughout the night, worrying that for some reason I wouldn’t wake up at the right time or something. I honestly think I woke up once an hour. Not fun.

This post is a bit boring but… what can I say? It was just one of those weekends. LUCKILY, I have fun things coming up this week, so stay tuned!

P.S. I’ll be doing the Minnesota AIDS Walk in May with the Minnesota/Wisconsin Bloggers Team! Please donate to a very good cause here. All donations are tax deductible.


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    I don't think it's realistic (or even expected) to not let yourself even open reader and/or blogger. If you want to open and read blogs, you can. I feel like you're being too strict with yourself. That being said, if it worked, then roll with it!

    Glad you had an alright weekend!

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    Glad you enjoyed having your weekend off the blogging! I really needed one too this weekend, ended up getting myself so down about it on Friday night and I have no idea why!

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    Wow, that's awesome that you were able to stay away all weekend! I often feel guilty for not blogging/vising blogs on weekends since that's my time to catch up. I'm glad it worked for you though! I think we all need to "unplug" a bit once in awhile.

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    Looks like that hour screwed everyone up! lol Even traffic was slow today. It's like, that hour put everyone on sail pace. :)

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    we had great weather here too – it was almost 20C and sunny! i didn't hop on my reader and when i checked this morning, it blew up to over 500 unread feeds :(

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    Hope you had a good first weekend away from blogging. I actually want to try that. I often don't post on the weekend but I've never gone as far as not checking my blog all weekend. Have a good week.

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    oh my goodness, daylight savings threw me off as well. I can't believe what impact just an hour has – I've been ready for bed since 10 am! haha :)

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    Weekends off from blogging are good for the soul. I never post on weekends anymore but I do check in with others and also tumble but the weekends that I have to remove myself from it completely because I'm not in front of a computer are the best. I do get anxious about it but then I let it all go. :) xoxo

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    I'm glad you enjoyed a bit of a break this weekend… you deserve it!

    I'm still screwed up with the daylight savings time. Is that even possible, or am I just very lazy?

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