I’m Weird

I am so excited to be introducing my new project to you all, one that is inspired by the fabulous Blair of Wild and Precious. I love her idea of the Wiggles and I wanted my own way to feature some of my favorite bloggers. So here is my own spin on things, I hope you’ll all enjoy it.

Are You Weird?

Growing up, a word that my friends have always used to describe me has been weird. I’ve never considered that to be a negative thing, instead I’ve always considered being weird to mean that I’m an individual, unique and that is always a wonderful thing.

Each week, I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite bloggers in a Wednesday Weirdness post. These are bloggers whose uniqueness, whose specialness inspire me and who I hope others can be inspired by as well.

Embrace your weirdness. It’s a good thing!

I’ll be selecting blogs starting NEXT WEEK, so look out!


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    i would much rather be labeled as "weird". being normal is too boring! 😀

    what a fantastic way to give props to your fellow bloggy pals.

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    I always think being weird is a good thing. Makes you a little different in the sea of the worlds population! can't wait to see your new feature!

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    I love this! I've always been considered "weird" and have been, in a way, labeled the black sheep of the family, but it's really always been okay with me. I think being an individual is what makes us attractive. If you're just like everyone else, you may end up surrounded with a bunch of people who never challenge you, never disagree with you, and never push you to be more than you are. There's never a whole lot of growth, and that's a sad, sad, thing.

    Looking forward to meeting some new and interesting bloggers! :)

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    Haha– embrace your weirdness… for some reason I immediately thought of that song off of High School Musical that I watched last night where they're all in the lunchroom :)

    In regards to your comment about what books I've been reading…I did a whole post about that just for you :)


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    Eeeep! I love this :) What a wonderful feature you are introducing to your readers. I've been called "weird" so many times in my life and I've always embraced it.

    Can't wait to see your picks!

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    My friends and I used to describe ourselves as weird too – but then they got too cool for me in year 7. True story.

    Being weird is good!

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