HP 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 12

12. Your favorite pairing.

It’s the perfect story. Harry’s best friend Ron has this cute younger sister. She has a mad crush on Harry and eventually Harry feels the same. There’s a bit of a snafu with the whole Lord Voldemort thing but in the end Harry and Ginny end up together.
I love Harry and Ginny’s story. I love that Harry fell for his best friend’s younger sister and I love that when things got rough he stayed away to protect Ginny.  To me this pairing brought Harry more into the Weasley family, a place that he fit in so well.


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    I love that that pairing brought him closer to the Weasley family, but I have to say my favorite is probably ron and hermione, only because they try and play it off like neither of them have feelings for each other – which just makes the watchers want it to happen more!

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    Hooray for Harry and Ginny! I agree – their pairing was perfect. Ginny was such a sweet character, and watching the romance bloom between she and Harry was adorable. :)

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    I never read the Harry Potter books except maybe one and when I saw them in the movie I just couldn't get used to them. I know the books were different though and the way you describe it it's so cute! I love Ron and Hermionie though!

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    I want to read all the harry potter books so I can watch the movies and go to harry potter world… other than that, I know nothing about harry potter… haha



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    I liked that they got together, but she was kind of a boring character, and I didn't like the girl in the movie, so theirs wasn't my favorite pairing.

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