Happy Hunger Games

Hello all from Milwaukee! I left on Saturday at 5 after waking up at 4 in the morning and working until noon. I got home, got my stuff together, ran some errands and then headed out. The drive actually wasn’t too bad and good music certainly helps!

Yesterday ended up being a bit different than expected.

Before we headed out for the day, we had to barracade Boyfriend’s pup Roscoe in. Roscoe was less than thrilled and tried to escape. I am convinced we’d win money if we sent the following into Funniest Home Videos:

I wasn’t planning on meeting any of the Boyfriend’s family till today. However one of his brothers pretty much stuck around in town to meet me so we headed over, only to meet not only his brother but a few of his aunts too. After that Boyfriend figured we had to go see his mom or she’d feel left out. His family seems pretty awesome… and from what I’ve heard they like me so yay to that!

After that we headed to one of the local coffeeshops, ALTERRA, for coffee and a late breakfast. AND THEN it was onward to The Hunger Games!

I actually really loved the movie… its been awhile since I finished the trilogy and I actually think that’s good because I didn’t sit through the movie saying, “Wait, that isn’t right!” and “Hey they left that out!” I thoroughly enjoyed it, I love how powerful Katniss is, I loved Peeta and I especially adored Cinna (Lenny Kravitz was awesome). Not to mention Rue and I LOVED Stanley Tucci as Caesar. I could go on and on but I will say this, if you haven’t seen it yet and if you haven’t read the books you really should. Yes they are YA fiction BUT they are so different from the typical teenage angst love triangle. There is a lot of meaning behind them. Do it!

ANYWAY, today I am off to breakfast with Boyfriend, lunch at his mom’s and then who knows from there? Have a wonderful Monday all!


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    I really liked the movie as well and it makes me want to read the book again since I do think the book is better (like with most adaptations). Can't wait for the next two!

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    Meeting the BF's fam can be nerve-wrecking… glad to hear it went so smoothly! Happy for you that you're getting to spend some quality time with him – Have fun!

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    Enjoy! I remember meeting my boyfriends family.. Oh my.. Everyone was lined up staring at me! And there was more to meet! Have a good week (:

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    That video cracked me up! So funny!

    I really enjoyed the movie too. The casting on Peeta was actually my least favorite. He was just a little too small.

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    awwwww, i loved that video! SOOO cute :) poor little pup.

    i am DYING to see hunger games. that's not really appropriate to say, since this movie IS about teens killing each other, but whatevs. glad you enjoyed it so much!

    and yay! you met some of the fam :) that's awesome, girly. so very happy for you that it's all going so well.

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    So glad the visit is off to such a great start!! My boxed set just arrived today, and I can't wait to get through the first book so I can go see the movie (I'm one of those people, but then again, I know you are, too ;)!

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    So exciting to meet the fam!! Happy to hear it went well. It can be very scary, depending on how comfortable and welcome the family makes you feel. It sounds like they were great though. Yay for another ay of fun – have a great time!


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    I loved the movie too! There were a few small things they left out, and I wish they had developed more of a relationship between a few of the characters, but all in all I think they did a great job translating it from book to big screen :)

    Glad you had a fun weekend!

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    I'm so glad that you liked the hunger games, I'm going to Thailand this weekend to see it, and hadn't heard yet if it was good. I agree, people should totally read the books and see the movies. Even though they're YA, they're good!

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    I love the trilogy but I don't know if I want to see the movie yet. I heard that they are going to make more movies and I might want to wait until then so I can at least watch them closer together. I hate when it ends and I want more.

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