The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

Travis has the life that any bachelor would surely desire – a good job, amazing friends and a beautiful home with a fabulous boat and other toys. He thinks that’s all he’ll ever need, until he meets his new neighbor Gabby.

Although their first meeting is anything but easy, their friendship quickly grows and Travis finds himself unable to get Gabby off his mind. Gabby, who thinks that her life with her boyfriend is fairly wonderful, finds that she is unable to stop thinking of Travis as well.

Their love grows quickly over the span of one weekend and Gabby finds that she must make a choice between her boyfriend Kevin and their life together or this new love with Travis.

However, that isn’t the main choice that this book refers to… and what seems like a relatively easy love story is anything but.

I chose this book because I couldn’t think of anything better to read and Nicholas Sparks usually writes an okay love story. However, I found this particular love story kind of boring, predictable and with an ending that seemed too neatly wrapped up. I don’t know… there was no “I’m so sleepy but I need to read the next chapter to find out what happens!” It was pretty mediocre for me actually.

In all honesty, although it wasn’t the worst book ever (hello Scarlet Letter) it also wasn’t anything to write home about.


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    My favorite Nicholas Sparks novels thus far were A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, and The Last Song. I think that Sparks writes really well, but I'm just not a huge fan of romance novels, so I'm not sure whether or not I'll be reading more from him. But that's me.

    Great review, Krysten! :)

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    I felt the same way; I usually only read N. Sparks when a movie is coming out. All romance books are the same: meet, fall in love, fight/separate, make up, yay love.
    i still read them of course, but only if i want an easy relaxing read

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    Its a shame when books never reach expectations or thrill you enough. I felt a little bit like that with the Hunger Games – trying to still find what all the hype is really about.

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    Thanks for the review! Just saw a preview for a new movie coming out with Zac Efron. It looked pretty predictable as well, but who doesn't love a good love story? :)

    I would love to know his writing process… Do you think they are slowly crafted or pumped out in a weekend?

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    mmm I find that same feeling with Sparks novels as well. They are a little to sugar-coaty for me sometimes. I need some realism infused into my romantic whirlwind fantasies. Is that too much to ask?! :)

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    I always read any book that comes out by Nicholas Sparks but I do find that his books have all the same formula to it. If I really want to cry, I will read his book. I read this one a long time ago and I think I liked it. I can't remember.

    The Last Song made me cry like crazy when I read the book but the movie–I hated it.

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