Workin’ Weekend


Now, I know I complain about work. Sometimes a lot. And this weekend wasn’t all happiness and flowers. Heck, getting triple sat after I was already overwhelmed definitely didn’t make me smile. But now, sitting here and looking back over the weekend, it was actually kind of a good weekend! Work time fun included:

  • Joking around with the busser about the unicorn tattoo we think that he needs to get
  • Making up nicknames for each other (I am supposedly the Puppeteer and the Instigator)
  • Nicknaming my work husband Sassy Pepperjack Burger (he was being majorly sass on Saturday)
  • Finding out a certain fav coworker is engaged (but shh, it’s a secret!)
  • Getting tipped $10 on an annoying to go order (if you get something to go from a restaurant you should at least tip a little!)
  • Key lime pie (it’s new and I ate some and it was good)
  • My coworker singing Bootylicious and getting it stuck in my head
  • A $10 tip on a $21 bill
  • Getting through Sunday with only one major stressful moment

I gotta say, if I had to be working the whole weekend at least I had a little fun.

How was your weekend?

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    i'm glad you made it though the weekend! I've been feeling rubbish! BUT the plus was it was soooo hot yesterday and i knew the parlour would be heaving and i DON'T WORK THERE ANYMORE hahahahah :)

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    Good to hear that you had some positive and fun aspects of your working weekend. I had a good weekend, but it was my last weekend of holidays so that is sad too.

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    I've always thought it would be a neat experience being a waitress… just to try it. I bet you could tell some pretty entertaining stories! :)


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