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When I won a giveaway from Polly of This Enchanted Pixie I was so excited because not only does her shop has some amazing stuff but Polly is a total rockstar!  Polly sells super cute bohemian jewelry and I can attest to the fact that her stuff is a total treat to be able to wear.  Of course, I wanted to know more about Polly and her shop so I asked her a few questions.

Where did you come up with the name for your shop?  The name ‘This Enchanted Pixie’ just popped into my head one day. My husband used to affectionately call me his ‘pixie, and then at the start of 2011 when I was in the process of setting up shop, I was playing around with name ideas and this one just popped in there! It felt right so I went with it.

What or who are your inspirations?  My main inspiration is mother nature. I grew up in the countryside and spent my childhood playing in the fields, building dens and climbing trees. I love the beauty of the world around us, and take inspiration from the colours that nature shows. I collect feathers and leaves, and snapshots of beautiful sunsets. If I’m feeling stuck creatively,  a walk in the countryside always gets the juices flowing again.

My other inspiration comes from the treasures I find whilst thrifting. I love to collect old materials, old jewellery – anything that speaks to my heart. while they may not directly be included in my jewellery, they offer endless inspirations to me.

What are 3 of your favorite items from your shop?  Paris in the Springtime Necklace — I’m something of an old romantic, and something about Paris just fills my heart with joy. I imagined walking along the banks of the Seine, hand in hand with my husband, the tress full of blossom and birdsong filling the air. Wearing this necklace allows me to make believe that I’m really in Paris.

Swallow Earrings — I love birds – my house is in danger in being taken over by birdie items!! These little earrings sit just on the cute side of kitsch – they liven up an outfit perfectly and always get me a ton of compliments.

Lastly, the Little Knitted Bow Necklace — These were born out of  winters evening sat knitting while watching a movie. I ended up making a dozen little bows, and while wondering what to do with them, I thought I’d try fixing one to  chain and seeing how it looked  as a necklace. I wore it to meet friends the next day and they loved it! I sold the first batch there and then – and ended up spending another night making more! They’re cute and make a great statement piece. 

Where do you see yourself and your shop at this time next year?  I like to think that I’ll still be happily making jewellery and coming up with new designs. I’m so excited to be setting out on this path of being self-employed. As my girls grow I hope to grow and expand this little business. I never expected to get this far, and I’m so thankful for all the support I’ve had so for I hope in a years time even more people are wearing my designs.

What is one piece of advice you would give to aspiring handmade shop owners?  PLAN!! Before you set up shop, I’d suggest you make a plan of what you want to achieve. Little goals for the first year. Make sure you have a budget in place, you have an idea of products you’ll offer, how you’ll package your items, if you’ll offer discounts, where you’ll advertise, etc. Having it all mapped out really does help. Do some research into shops offering similar products to get an idea on pricing. A couple of good books if you are just starting out are Craft, Inc. Revised Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Turning Your Creative Hobby into a Successful Business and Craft Inc. Business Planner. But the most important thing to remember is to dream big and go for it!

Today you can enter to win a
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