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On Thursday I opened up my blog to all of you so that you could ask me questions.  Here are the answers to all the questions asked!

Morgan: What do you put in your hair? So random but it always looks so good when you post pictures of yourself!  To be honest… I don’t really put a whole lot in my hair.  I wash it with Suave Professionals.  If I’m wearing it curly I spray it with Garnier Wonder Waves and let it mostly air dry, drying it with a diffuser at the last second.  If I wear it straight I’ll blow it out and then run a straightening iron over it.  Either way I finish off with Garnier Sleek and Shine hairspray and I’m done!

Erika: Since you’re a bookworm like me…what book release are you most looking forward to in 2012 and why?  I actually don’t pay attention to book releases.  If a blog friends remind me I’ll most likely request the book from the library but almost always I don’t realize a new book has come out until awhile after its release.  Weird right?

The Non-Student: How do you keep up with so many blogs (and comment on them)? Are you Superwoman or something?  Haha, if only!  I usually set aside time each morning (or afternoon, depending on my work schedule) to blog.  First I’ll go through any new posts in my reader.  Then I’ll open up my comments from the previous day and respond to those posts.  So if you comment on my blog, I will comment back.  Usually it takes about an hour but it’s worth it, I figure if someone if going to take time out of their life to read my blog then I owe them that courtesy back.

Dancing Branflake: What is your degree in and what job do you hope to have at graduation?  My degree is in sales and marketing and to be honest… I still don’t know what I want to do.  I ideally, I’d love to do something with internet marketing and social media (anyone have a job for me??).  However, right now I’d just like a job with good benefits (dental insurance please!!) and maybe weekends off!  A girl can dream, right? 

Happy Jen @ Anxious for Happiness: Where’s your favorite place to buy your outfits?  Lately I’ve been buying a ton of stuff at Old Navy.  Bizarre right?  But their clothes have gotten so cute and I love the way they fit me.  Plus, they’re affordable and my ON credit card gets me points and discounts.  Can’t go wrong!

gringationcancun: How do you feel about The Hunger Games movie this year? Excited? Bored?  I’m super excited for this movie to come out, I’m actually considering going to the midnight showing (despite my horrid experience with screaming teeny-boppers at Twilight).  The trailers look SO good, how can I not be excited?

Amber: All time favorite book?  Once again, Why Girls Are Weird by Pamela Ribon.  I have raved about this book and I love it so much I even named my blog after it.  It’s a book about a blogger who finds herself and it’s one of those feel good books that makes me laugh out loud no matter how many times I read it.

Jax: What is your writing inspiration? Do you ever “link up” with other bloggers?  As far as blogging inspiration, I just try to be myself.  Sometimes I’m in a bad mood so my post is angry or sad.  Sometimes I’m elated so you get a happy, bubbly post.  I don’t lie on my blog and if something bad happens to post about it, figuring that maybe my mistakes can teach someone else.  And I’m all about linking up with other bloggers.  I don’t do it often but I’m pretty open to nearly everything blog related.

Charlotte: If you could live in any part of the world, where would it be? And I
always love asking about dream vacation destinations. Maybe because I’m
longing for a break from the city. So those are my two questions for you.
  I keep saying I want to live somewhere warm because I am so over these Wisconsin winters.  Back when I was with Dustin we talked about Florida or North Carolina.  I think since my parents live in FL and they drive me nuts, I’d probably choose NC.  As for a dream vacation, I’ve always wanted to go to Italy.  The food alone… yum!

Bonnie: Threesome. You and me. Plus one other person. Who is the other person?  Leave it to Bonnie to ask an inappropriate question!  My answer?  Adam Levine (lead singer for Maroon 5, for all of you crazy people that don’t know who he is).  He is delicious.  Hope you don’t mine Bonnie!

Kathy and Mrs. Pancakes: What inspired you to start blogging?  When did you start blogging?  I started blogging way back in 2002 and at the time it was just an easier way to keep a diary.  I’ve kept diaries for a really long time and I’m so much quicker typing so I figured a “blog” (which it wasn’t called back then) was a great way to do it. 

When I started this blog it was originally for me to write about my wedding to Dustin, who is now my ex.  You can actually go way back and read all those posts.  Obviously things have changed A LOT since then but that’s how I got my start!

Thanks to all of you that asked questions!  As always, if you have a question for me, don’t hesitate to ask!  Happy Monday all!


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    That's the same reason I started my blog, but then it also transformed into so much more than that. I agree with the non-student. You're so great at commenting on other's blogs!

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