Monte’s Third Birthday

Dear Monte,

A little less than 3 years ago Dustin and I were supposed to go to a movie and instead we ended up with a toy poodle puppy.  You were so cute, with your big black nose and golden ears that we just could not resist!

To this day I stand by the fact that you are way better than any movie!
Today you are three years old and pup, you are my world.  You are excited every day when I come home at work and you’re my cuddle buddy at night.  Your sweet poodle face is sometimes the one thing that makes me smile.
Monte you are the best poodle noodle face in the whole world.  I love you to bits and pieces and I promise you’re going to have a wonderful third birthday.  
Happy Birthday to the BEST boy.
I love you Monte!


  1. says

    I try to tell Matt we absolutely need a doggie like Monte because he would give these fat ass cats some damn exercise AND be adorable cuddle buddy on the couch.

    But no. He says no because sometimes he's a jerk.

    Happy birthday, Monte!

  2. says

    Monte is too sweet!! My best friend went to pick up Chinese food once and she and her husband came back with their second dog, Roxy. Best Chinese food they every got! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

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