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Hmm… I think today deserves a life update.

Work: Work this weekend was actually pretty good.  In fact, the only time that I found myself annoyed was Friday night when we got a spurt of teenagers about an hour and a half before close and one of my tables stiffed me.  Frustrating.  Even as a teenage I never would have done that.  Makes me wish I could have gone after them, sometimes I feel like teens need to be lectured to be more respectful.  I don’t see a lot of respect from them (and wow, this rant makes me sound so old).

School:  My classes just started last week and I already hate two out of three of them.  One of them is a one credit career development class and it’s frustrating because I have more work to do in that class than my four credit, 300 level internet marketing class.  The other class is abnormal psychology and we have to CITE on our DISCUSSION BOARD.  Ridiculous.  I feel like it’s just busy work.  Frustrating.

Family:  Um, I don’t have a lot to say about family right now.  My folks are in Florida till late spring/early summer so that’s kind of nice.  I honestly have been keeping to myself (aside from my weekly calls to my grandma) and I guess that’s a good thing.

Boyfriend:  Lol, that still seems weird to be typing boyfriend on here!  Anyway, right now he lives in Milwaukee, which is about 5 hours from me.  We see each other when we can – he’ll be out here this coming weekend and then I’m going out to Milwaukee for a few days in February.  The plan is that he’s moving out here in either March or April (not JUST for me and yes, that’s why I’ve been excited for March) so it’s only a little longer.  I’m counting the days!

Tattoo:  I have an appointment on FRIDAY to get my wedding date tattoo covered.  I’m going with something different than I previously talked about and I promise I’ll have pictures soon!  I am so excited and can’t wait to get inked again!

Divorce:  Right now our papers have gone through and we’re waiting for them to be mailed to us.  The next step is then setting a court date.  It’s happening slowly but surely.  I don’t feel sad as often.  Every now and again it will hit me but each time I then remind myself that I did what needed to be done and what is best for me.  It’s a sad situation and it’s okay to be sad.  But I need to move on.

So that’s what’s up.  How’s life for everyone else?

P.S. You all MUST see the movie One Day.  MUST.


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    ahh… life!
    Life is alright right now – some health concerns for those i love, and my poor kitty was pretty sick yesterday. So sad … i wish he could tell me what's wrong :(

    Can't wait to see the tat!

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    Wow as a teenager i never would have thought of not paying my bill either, how rude. I hope you don't have to cover that.

    Is the bf going to move in with you or get his own place to start? Glad that is all going well, you should tell us the story of how you guys met.

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    oooh i forgot about that movie. i so want to see it! as for feeling old…i dont' think wanting to lecture teenagers makes you sound old. i think it makes you sound mature and responsible!

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    I'm always telling my oldest who likes to go to Denny's to make SURE to tip the waitress. I think kids are so used to scraping money together for food they forget that they need to save some money for the tip. (which is wrong!)

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    Sounds like you have a lot going on in your life right now but you seem to be handling it well. Best of luck with school (discussion boards are such a waste of time)

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    I'm just trying to make myself as fit as possible prior to my surgery in the beginning of Feb…and also trying not to get too pysched up about this job that I applied for that I am perfectly qualified for and would be perfect!

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    Divorces are obviously never fun but it seems like you're working through everything in a very thoughtful and honest way, good for you! And as for the Sirius Black post below…thank you, me too! Gary Oldman is so good looking for his age. That and I just like old guys and he was so perfect for that character.

    Alexandra xo

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    They didn't pay their bill? How do you even get away with that? Man, even as a teenager, that's something I would never have done. I'm glad that it sounds like things are plugging along and are slowly getting better for you!

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    Enjoyed this. A lot has happened since I last tuned in. Kudos to you for being so brave and moving in a positive direction.

    And One Day is on my wish list. Can't wait.

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