Happy Saturday V8.8


10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

1. Zoya Nail Polish – Izzy
2. Croissants
3. Finding out my dad met an armadillo
4. One Tree Hill
5. A hefty tax return
6. Vivienne is almost healed
7. A warm cookie with ice cream on top
8. Smash
9. Cuddling with Monte
10. Friends on Nick @ Nite


  1. says

    please elaborate on the armadillo story! i actually just had a croissant with chicken salad today for lunch…it'd been wayyy too long.

    your comments always encourage me so much, krysten! thank you (:


  2. says

    Funny you should mention croissants, I am going to go grocery shopping soon and I have chocolate croissants on my list.

    I am looking forward to Wednesday nights now because One Tree Hill is so good this season (plus I look forward to seeing Chris Keller each week)

  3. says

    Okay, am I the only who feels like Friends on Nick at Nite is just wrong? Like, whatever happened to Mr. Ed? Kind of makes me feel like a dinosaur that the shows we used to watch growing up appear on N@N now.

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