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I started with one, telling myself that was all I’d get.  It’s a butterfly with a vine around it in the shape of a heart and it’s on the small of my back.  I got my second one a few years later, the words “Be who you are” on the front of my ankle.  They’re the first four words in my favorite quote, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” ~Dr. Seuss.

I talked about my third tattoo a few months back, my wedding date on my wrist.  I plan on getting it covered up next month with a tree of life tattoo that a friend of mine is drawing for me.  It will look something like this:

And although I once told myself I’d only stop at one tattoo, obviously that hasn’t held up.  Because now I can’t decide when enough is enough.  I just love them too much and I love what each one represents to me (hence the reason I plan to cover up my wedding date tattoo rather than remove it – that relationship was part of me just as the tattoo is).
Here are a few other tattoo ideas that I love:
Harry Potter
Only I’d love for mine to say “Until the very end”
A stack of books on the back of my neck
Monte’s paw print on the top of my foot
And that’s just to name a few!

Do you have tattoos?  If you don’t, do you want one?


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    I've got 3, although they're all really tiny. 1 on each wrist, and a small butterfly on my hip (and I'm terrified of butterflies beyond belief. Figure that one out. I had just finished high school and was away with a group of friends and I think it was like, an "I'm freeeeee" type thing. But I don't regret it, so I guess that's the important thing!)
    I actually liked the feeling of getting tattoos on my wrist, it didn't hurt to me. Maybe that's weird..

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    I have 4 tattoos, and love each one of them. I have the words love and promise on the inside of my ankles, 4 intertwinded hearts on the top of my foot representing my 3 sisters and I, and a cross on the back of my neck. Each one reminds me of something very special to me. I LOVE the pawprint idea! SO cute!

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    I don't have any tattoos, mostly because I'm too chicken… Just looking at that last picture of a fresh one makes my shoulder hurt! Still, I think that they can be really awesome of done right. That tree looks like it would make a great one!

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    Oh until the very end would be neat!

    I have 2, one on wrist that says resilient, one on foot that says my sons name & one on ass cheeks lol sounds ugly but it's cute it's 2 small hearts overlapping one another & it only shows in swim suits.

    I want my side done too!

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    I have 2 tattoos. I plan on getting another one with Emma's name but I can't decide where. I like the wrist idea but I also thought about the side of my foot which will hurt like bloody hell.

    I love the paw print one. I love my husband and we've been together for 12 years but as soon as I tattoo something related to our relationship, we'll get a divorce. I'm not even superstitious.

    I think you should get a sleeve tattoo. 😉

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    I love tattoos and I will someday have at least one. I am 32 years old and have yet to get one, but I will! I love the stack of books idea. And the tree of life is so pretty.

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    I always think tats on others are so cool and most of the time very meaningful for them. I've never found one I wanted enough though to permantly ink on myself. BUT, my husband and I used a Paper Tongues tune for our last dance song back in April and one of the lines was, "Better is the day standing by your side" or BITDSBYS. Both he and I can be pretty conservative but we both loved the acronym and think if either of us ever got one, it'd be that on our wrists!

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    I have 2 tattoos. A scene of dolphins on my back with Faith on one Hope on the other and Love in the middle. Than on my wrist I have Trust, to remind myself to Trust in God. I LOVE tattoos and can't wait to get another.

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    you just got a picture message of my tattoos, except one and i'm FAR from being done. i want one on my foot/ankle, maybe one on the inside of my arm, one on my wrist and one under my boob with a lyric that hits right to my heart (hence where it will be placed) i'm a tattoo addict and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

    i find tattoos absolutely mesmorizing and if they have a specific meaning, even better. the ones for no reason, i don't understand. my first one ha no real reason behind it except my stance on freedom of being an adult..i've since updated it to mean something more and be more a part of who i am.

    can't wait to see this one done.

    the books totally seem like you. just say'n. but in a color would be better.. with maybe a quote from one of your favorite books on the page.. ugh i have so many ideas when it comes to tattoos i'd run out of space on my body!

    love you!

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    I have FIVE TATTOOS that I had done when I was 18-19. I HATE THEM ALL NOW and wish I had listened to my mom when she told me I would regret it someday!! ONly one of those tats was planned ahead of time and it is the only one I like. The others were like "I think I want to get a tattoo tonight" and then I proceeded to pick one out of a book and have it permanently inked. WTF was I thinking??!!! NEVER AGAIN!! They are only cool when thought and meaning is put into them and very careful consideration.

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    Oh, do I ever. I really want a German quote on my inner wrist but I haven't found the right one just yet. And I have to keep it short because I have small wrists and German words are kind of big so it's been challenging!

    I love the tree of life! SOOOO beautiful!

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