So Close

I am 10 away from 1,000 followers!
Want to help me reach my goal?
Grab my button and display it proudly on your page.
I’d love to see a Why Girls Are Weird button when I read your amazing blogs.
Also, you all should think about this
Want to know about sponsorship with Why Girls Are Weird?
Email me for more info!
Thank you all for being such amazing readers!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. says

    10 followers in 11 days, piece of pie lady! Good luck!

    I don't do buttons on my blog – I don't think, or do I? what are buttons? Alright, I'm gonna go look into it now.

  2. says

    Wow, go you! You'll get there :) And I've just added your button… I'm actually surprised I didn't have it on there before. Don't take it personally; I just kind of suck with keeping up with that stuff.


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