Looking Back On 2011

Each year I like to look back and think about the things that I’ve gone through, both good and bad.  This year is no different.  2011 was a very different year for me but I feel as if it has brought me to figuring out more about who I am and what I want.  Without further ado, a look back at

Those of you that have been around for awhile know that I had my share of bumps.  Over the last year…
  • I found myself on the outs with my family.  This has been recently but nonetheless it has been hard for me.  I still feel a bit like the “black sheep.”  It’s a hard way to feel.  I’m taking it day by day I suppose.  
  • I’ve sometimes struggled with work, especially when feeling as if certain people are treated differently than others.  I was even sent home early once for mouthing off (and although my boss later apologized I still felt like a jerk for acting not so adult).
  • I struggled in my marriage.  A lot.  I struggled with the way I was being treated and how unhappy and trapped I felt.
  • Because of these struggles, Dustin, my soon to be ex, and I decided to split. 
  • This decision will probably follow me for the rest of my life.

 Like 2010, 2011 felt like a year of struggles and rebuilding.  However, some really wonderful things happened this year too…

  • School has remained very important to me and after just 2 more quarters I will finally be graduating.
  • I received a promotion at work, which felt amazing and told me that despite my not so adult moments that I am respected at my job.
  • Although I’ve read a little less this year, my love for reading has continued.  I’ve read some really amazing books this year, books that have made me laugh and cry and books that will remain in my heart.
  • I tried new things, such as driving all by myself several hours and doing a boudoir shoot.
  • My friendships have flourished and I no longer feel as if I’m the girl with no girlfriends.  Special thanks to my amazing blog friends, I love you all!
  • I have found someone that treats me with the respect and love that I know I deserve.  I no longer have to distrust what I’m told and it feels good to be at a point in which I feel secure.
  • Blogging has continued to be a rock for me.  This community has been there for me through all these highs and lows.  It has brought me good friends and so much support.  I feel blessed to be part of such an amazing community and I thank each and every one of you for being part of my life.

This year has certainly been a year of rebuilding for me, one filled with good and bad things.

I have to say I’m ready to say goodbye to 2011.  I can only hope that 2012 will bring lots of good things – and I wish you all a new year full of good things as well!


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    I'm very sorry to hear about your marriage not working. I have also had a rather mixed 2011 and in the end I am looking forward to starting a new year and this time I am doing a list of things I want to achieve.

    All my best,


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    thanks for dropping by the third – nice to see you :) I hope 2012 is THE year for you … don't fret the divorce thing …. I know it is HUGE at present but having been there and done that you just know in your heart it was right – I mostly don't even tell people now that this is my second marriage … and like you I now have a relationship with an equal stake – am treated how I deserve to be and am loved 100%, 100% of the time :) I look forward to reading more of you – best le xox

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    You have been through a lot this year! It sounds like it was really rough…and for that I am sorry! You don't deserve that. But from reading your tweets, it sounds like you have a great guy! I wish you two the best of luck!

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    I had a mixed 2011 too and it sounds like you had some pretty rough things to go through. The thing is, you're still able to look at the positives too, and that's the most important thing. Hope you have a wonderful NYE love, and that your 2012 kicks off to a great start!

    Alexandra xo


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    I too am ready to say goodbye to 2011 and just start fresh. I'm hoping for the best for this upcoming year. This year has been full of struggles and just has been overbearing for me.

    Goodluck to you! You deserve all the best for going through a rough time, but picking yourself up!

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    Your year has been full of ups and downs but I think 2012 is going to be splendid for you especially since you now have a guy that treats you that way you should be treated.

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    Our struggles make us stronger and it seems that you are gaining more strength each and every day. I hope that 2012 is all that you want it to be.

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    If it wasn't for the first part of your list, you may not have been able to see and develop the second part of your list. Here's to a wonderful 2012!

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    even with the bumps, your year ended up pretty good i would say.

    i'm the blacksheep in my family, but i feel that i am the way i am for a reason and to teach others a lesson (my therapist also told me this) so don't worry about your family… even though they are "family".

    i love you and am so glad you are so happy and found the love you deserve. i know exactly how you feel.


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