You know.  I’ve been complaining a lot lately.  I’ve complained about my divorce.  I’ve complained about my family.  I’ve complained about work and customers stiffing me.  I’ve complained about school.  Complain complain complain.

And then on Saturday I came into work to find out one of my coworkers may have cancer.  Again.  And I don’t even know what to say except that just SUCKS.  It sucks and it isn’t fair and it’s just stupid.  So then I find that out and I think, “Wow, here I am complaining about all this stuff and there he is with a major life threatening thing going on.”

He’s been in the hospital this weekend and work just wasn’t the same.  Heck, I even miss his mean short jokes.  And I don’t really have anything else to say right now except please send him good thoughts and prayers.  Because he really needs them.

And don’t forget to live.  I know we all get bogged down with complaining about silly things.  And usually it’s not until we’re faced with something really bad that we think about really going out and LIVING.  So now, while you have this time, do it.

More soon.


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    What a beautiful post. It is ok to complain about the things in your life. You are going through so many things right now. I'll be wishing positive things for your coworker!

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    So true. Im so sorry to hear about your co-worker. There are so many of these wake up calls in life that make me wonder what I really have to complain about.

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    I'm sorry to hear about your co-worker, and thank you for the lovely reminder to be happy and live life. We often get so caught up with the stresses of day to day life that we forget to just… be.

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    As someone who went through a season of sucky, I do think it's good for you to be angry about the things that are messed up and vent about it. It's when any of us get stuck there for the long haul that it becomes a problem. But I really do think if any of us were in your position would be doing the same thing. So, don't be too hard on yourself. Much love to you and hoping things turn around soon.

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    you know, it's okay to complain about life and get it out. and then put it into perspective. because stuff like cancer definitely puts it into perspective.

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    It's easy to get all wrapped up in our own problems then something like this happens and its a complete smack in the face. Cancer is just a whole load of crappness for anyone to get x

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    I have seen my grandmother beat Stage IV colon cancer TWICE and it's just inspiring and a good reminder for me to not worry about the little things. To remember what is really important and that years from now, those things that seemed so frustrating and hard now will be minor blips on our radar.

    A great reminder. :)

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    But what you're going through is pretty major. It's not like you're upset about what shoes go with what dress. You're going through a major life change, so maybe just see this as a positive way to view your new direction!

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    Sorry to hear about your co-worker. It really puts things into perspective, and realise our small complains are not really anything to complain about.

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    First of all, Cancer SUCKS! My aunt was just diagnosed today with terminal cancer. Her daughter is my age.
    Second, it's amazing how much we take for granted.
    Praying for your friend. Great post.

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    cancer is a dirty pirate hooker that you can't get to go away. i've dealt with cancer in my family, in my ex boyfriends family and there is never an easy way to go through it.

    the best way to do it is remember that everything happens for a reason and we are each put through trials to learn something, or teach someone something, even though it sucks we have to be the one going through it.

    i hope your co-worker gets better. prayers to him and his family.

    love you xoxo

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your co-worker. I know that things like this can really put things into perspective. I met someone who is younger than me and he's only got 5-10 years left, which makes me reevaluate everything and get my priorities in check.

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    I think that this is just one of those moments where a person is inserted into your life as a means of forcing you to think of what is important, of what you should be grateful for. In truth, I HATE those moments, because it reminds me of what an "awful" person I am. :) However, your rants are certainly understandable. Everyone has a time in their lives where they find themselves unhappy (perhaps in general, perhaps with a few things that overlay the rest of their feelings). Don't let them take control, however. Think of that post you shared recently–the one with the pink butterfly. You know, the one about someone coming into your life and changing it? There are some beautiful things in the world … I just wish we weren't so busy moving so incredibly fast … maybe then we'd notice things.

    Take care!

    Also, you are SMOKING in that shoot. 😉

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    Many thoughts and prayers going his way!

    Perspective really pisses me off sometimes. Like, I'll be right in the middle of the *best* pity party and then along comes Perspective and crashes the whole thing. All kidding aside though, it's nice to have a reprieve from our problems sometimes, isn't it? To know that even though things are bad for us, it could be worse.

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    I'm so sorry! I haven't been on your blog lately and I'm sorry for your split. Y'all seemed so happy but then again you can't really tell much on a blog.
    Hang in there, xx

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    Positive mojo coming his way. Sometimes we need to gain perspective like this because we get so used to things that seem trivial compared to one's health.

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    I'm so sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers go out to your coworker.

    And I totally know what you mean… it's easy sometimes to get so bogged down by the many curveballs life throws our way but then we see something like this, it sheds new light.

    I hope you are well, and thinking of you, too. XOXO

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    Sorry to hear about your coworker – his story, as well as the many people who are diagnosed with cancer is heartbreaking to hear every.time. At the same time, these stories are Life's way of bitch-slapping us in the face and reminding us to make sure we don't take anything or anyone for granted.

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