I’m BLANK because…


The ever lovely (and totally glowing) mom to be Sandy of Sandy a la Mode did this on her blog yesterday and I couldn’t help but borrow it.  Let me know if you decide to play along too!

I’m weird because…

I like peanut butter and potato chip sandwiches.
I will force myself to go to sleep at 7 at night if I have to open the next day.
I talk to myself at work when I get busy and/or stressed.
Last night at work I took a basket and skipped around the pantry.
If I’m in bed and even THINK I have to go to the bathroom I HAVE to get up and go or I can’t sleep.

I’m a bad friend because…

I sometimes won’t call friends for MONTHS.
I prefer texting to phone calls.
I love my alone time and being at home.

I’m a good friend because…

I am fiercely loyal.
I’m amazing at remember birthdays.
I give good, honest advice.
I still love sleepovers.
I get excited when my friends have happy news.

I’m sad because…

Of all the problems with my family right now.
I never have weekends.
There’s too much month at the end of the money.
Time is going by too fast.

I’m happy because…

I love Christmas shopping.
I have today off.
I’m going to see Breaking Dawn today.
I have Christmas music playing all the time in my car.

I’m excited for…
A certain someone’s birthday.
New Year’s Eve.
The future.

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P.S.S. Happy birthday Mom!


  1. says

    Happy birthday to your momma!

    I'm kind of… intrigued by these peanut butter potato chip sandwiches, not gon' lie. They sound gross and appealing at the same time :)

    And I'm excited about Christmas, too. XOXO

  2. says

    me likey!!
    I hate phone calls too – so that don't make you a bad friend in my eyes (have we EVER spoke on the phone even?)
    that being said, I'm horrible at sending birthday cards… I'm actually horrible at most proper forms of etiquette.

  3. says

    A girl that loves sleepovers – woo hoo! That does make for a good friend!

    Happy birthday to your ma, and I hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving :)

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