Why You Don’t Tattoo Names (or dates) On Yourself

A few years ago I did something stupid.  Nearly as stupid as tattooing someone’s name on me.

I got my wedding date tattooed on my wrist.

At the time I never envisioned divorce.  I always told myself that marriage was an important thing and that Dustin and I would weather whatever was thrown at us.  Except that we couldn’t.
So now I have this tattoo.  And I want to cover it up.
At first I thought maybe I would leave it as a reminder.  However, I don’t want to go through life having people ask me what it means.  And if I ever marry again… well, that just isn’t fair to whoever I would be marrying.
The problem is that I need to come up with an idea that A) Will cover up the original tat and B) Won’t be super huge.  I have ideas for OTHER tats that I want – a stack of books on the back of my neck, Hedwig (from Harry Potter) behind my ear, Monte’s paw print on my foot.  But for the life of me my creative mind can’t come up with anything for my wrist.
I was thinking maybe something that has to do with strength and/or loving oneself.  But because I am not the most visually artistic person I’m having trouble envisioning anything.
So, my dear readers, I ask you: if you were me, what would you choose?


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    You know what girl, you could leave it! It can represent the day that changed you! You are a totally different girl than the one that got married on that day. So much stronger and wiser….just a thought.

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    I thought about tattooing my wedding date somewhere on my body but ultimately I think the only name or date I would tattoo on my body would be my child's name or birthday because you really just never know when it comes to relationships.

    As for what to do, I'm not really artistic or creative so I'm not much help. I think you should go to a professional tattoo artist and get their opinion, they will probably have some great ideas.

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    I'm dealing with a tattoo that have significance to a person right now as well. Unfortunately my tattoo is about 3" x 2" and in a place that is VERY difficult to make a cover. :( I'm bummed but I think I might have figured out. I know how difficult it is to find something that work, I hope you will be able to. :)

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    I agree about consulting a professional.. see what they think before you completely make up your mind. Other than that… look at Pinterest… I've found a ton of tattoos there and, while you don't have to copy any of them exactly, it's a good source for ideas!

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    i'm not a pro at this, but i probably would get it removed instead of covered-up…but then i hear tattoo removal is more painful that getting the actual tattoo. eeek – i'm such a baby when i comes to needles! hehe.

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    I would get it removed if it were me. Then, if you can still see it faintly after the removal, it will be much easier to add a new tat over it.

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    i liked someone else's idea of changing it into something signifying strength as that is what the date ultimate gave you. You don't want to completely erase it because it did shape who you are now. Keep thinking about it

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    I've got a tutorial next week on hoe to cover it up!
    I swear by Hard Candy's glamoflague…cheap and easy.
    As for real ideas, my answer is always birds. Or branches. Or both.
    And thanks for the birthday wishes :)

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    Definitely seek some professional advice-they'll probably have a better idea about what will cover the date. But removing it doesn't seem like such a terrible idea either-you don't need to punish yourself by keeping it if it makes you unhappy.

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    something small and simple would be nice over this. it's definitely easy to cover this up if you go to a good tattoo artist. they can help you out :) good luck. i have my son's name on my wrist it's quite big.

    i actually have my moms name on my ankle but it was done so poorly i dont want to get it covered up or something

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    Go see your tattoo artist but as someone who is moderately tattooed, I can tell you right now if you get it covered up its going to have to be something significantly bigger and darker in colour. Most likely soething floral like roses. Good luck! <3

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    I heard removing a tattoo is painful. Maybe you are better off just covering it up. My friend had a tattoo on her wrist she hated. She finally covered it up with a purple lotus flower, it's beautiful and you can't even see her old tattoo. Maybe consider a flower that has courage or strength meaning behind it. Or reborn or something like that.

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    it wil come to you..i wouldn't rush it, though i am sure you are anxious to cover it up. you are learning and growing from your marriage and this experience of going through a divorce. perhaps it's a good reminder for now and sometime soon you will know the way to cover it .

    love the new blog look btw :)

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    Shoot…the day your divorce goes through? Okay obviously not…what if you turned the numbers into something else…like worked with them? I have no clue what I'm talking about, but I swear if it comes to me I'll let you know. Either way, I want to know what you decide! xo

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    maybe some small tree? or branch? like a root…strength? it's always hard with tattoos…but obviously at the time, you didn't even think twice about it!

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    Saw the more recent post and I fully agree a coverup is a better idea. I don't think most people have any idea what really goes into removal, but a friend of mine had to get one done and it takes a LOT of really expensive, really painful sessions. If you have any idea of something you want to cover it with and an artist who can do it, it's a much better option than removal.

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    wow i can't believe how many people said to remove it. i think covering it up will be the best way to go. i've covered up one of my tats and a part of it still shows through and reminds me of everything i've gone through since then. your choice obvisouly, but i know you will cover it up :) xoxo

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    You could leave it and put something with it. It was a significant part of your life. You could add strength under it or you could have a heart with wings which shows your heart is free to love again.

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    Covering it up will be best, or creating something new out of it. Remember, your wedding day is part of your life, too. Yes, maybe the marriage isn't anymore, but it has shaped you into the wonderful person you are today. It is after all, your life, and that day was a significant day in it. :) Think about it girl.


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