Oh my goodness.  At this time next week NaNoWriMo will have started!  I’m super excited and a smidge nervous.

NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and this year will be my 4th year participating.  The name of the game is to write 50,000 words during the month of November.  That averages out to about 1667 words a day.  You don’t edit.  You don’t even really need an outline.  It’s down and dirty writing to get the juices flowing.

I’ve been working a little thus far on character development and a slight outline just so that I feel a little more in control but really I don’t have a clear idea of what I’ll be writing about.  I know it’ll be young adult fiction and I know who my main characters are but otherwise I’ll be developing the story as I go alone.  And hopefully I’ll be able to keep up!

I’ll be keeping an updated word count here and if you’re doing NaNo please find me so we can be writing buddies!

Happy writing!


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    This is very ambitious but you're an old pro at Nowrimo now :) Good luck, I hope to one day read at least one of your novels. Avid readers also make better writers 😉

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    Oh, I heard of this once but didn't know it was now. Sounds fun! But also a little stressful the average of 1667 words a day! Hmm…maybe I'll join! 😀 I am already writing on a novel but I could either start writing on one of all those other book-ideas that are running around in my head, or sit down and actually finish the one I am working on.. Good luck anyway!

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    I'm for sure doing NaBloPoMo this year, but I can't stop thinking about NoNoWriMo. I might give it a shot and just see where I end up. It can't hurt, right? I think we're already friends on there.

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