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Happy Friday all!  Hope you all had a great week and are looking forward to a fun filled weekend.  Want to meet my newest sponsor?

Jenna Lou Designs carries all sorts of fun goodies, including clutches, handbags, scarves and so much more.  Her designs are so fun and great for so many different occasions, including weddings!  Here’s some more about her shop straight from Jenna herself!

Where did you come up with the name for your shop shop?  When I was planning to start my business one of the first decisions that has to be made is name. I tossed around tons of ideas. Some cute, some fun, some edgy…. but in the end I came to the realization that I just want to make things and follow my heart and I wasn’t even 100% sure what that would be at the time, so I didn’t want a name that would tie me down to any particular category or subject. Jenna Lou Designs is a name that will be with me forever ( because it is my name… wink ) and it can grow and evolve with whatever the future holds for me.

What or who are your inspirations?  I find my inspirations from two main sources. The fabrics themselves and femininity. I work with some really beautiful fabrics (all the credit here goes to those amazing fabric designers) so sometimes I design just knowing that I want the fabric take center stage. I also design with women in mind. I want to create a product that lets them show to the world who they are. The products help express a feeling of “I’m beautiful, bold, and I know what I like!” Most of my products are available in over 300 fabric choices so it really allows for your personality and style to show through.

What are 3 of your favorite items from your shop?
1. Custom Clutch Sets (because it has become a deep passion of mine to help curate these mini collections for brides and party favors )

2. The Estelle Bag in ruffled fabrics ( I adore how understated this bag is! Plus it is so versatile )
3. Fancy Ruffled Scarves ( Perfect weight for all season, but now that fall is here again I wear mine everywhere. I love how it softens up a winter coat )

Where do you see yourself and your shop at this time next year?  I want to be doing the same thing only better. That is my goal for every year though. If I had to nail it down a bit more I would say that I want to turn more of my ideas into finished products. I always have more ideas than time and lately it’s been mountains more.

What is one piece of advice you would give to aspiring handmade shop owners?  Learn to say no so you can stick to the work you love. Many years ago when I started Jenna Lou Designs I was still finding my niche and I often would take work just to have it. Sometimes this meant hemming pants for someone locally or doing other sewing tasks just because I could. I lost a lot of energy doing those jobs. They didn’t make me feel stronger or more in love with sewing. They just were work. If I would have committed the time I spent agonizing over those jobs and focused it towards my business, I think it would have taken off a lot sooner.

I know you said one, but I have one more that is very important for new shop owners. Remember the golden rule and treat others how you would want to be treated. In every conversation or dealing with a customer (new or old) I think about how I can make the experience easy and wonderful for them. And this applies to non customers too, because they might someday be a customer if they just remember how kind you were to them.

This week you can enter to win
a $15 shop credit from Jenn Lou Designs!
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    I'm a follower and I love those cluthes!! I've been collecting clutches for a long time and fill up my purse with them. They're super handy for makeup, hiding personal items, etc. Love them!

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    I'm a follower, my favorite is the ruffled scarves and the Gwen bags, probably the green leaves, but the other color combinations are nice as well.

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    Love, love, love Jenna Lou! I used her for our wedding clutches and my wedding was featured in Style Me Pretty–Florida and I was able to show her super ah-mazing clutches she made for us! I already follow she and you on facebook and follow both your blogs :)

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