Oh my gosh, so many new things going on right now!

First off, my domain name has changed!  To go along with my new blog name, I purchased!  So if you have one of my buttons on your blog, please be sure to change the HTML to go along with that (or snag on of my new buttons from my sidebar).

Second, when I changed my name and template I also created a new Why Girls Are Weird Facebook page.  If you follow the After ‘I Do’ Facebook place, please remember to head over to the new page and ‘like’ it. 

FINALLY, I also have a new cellphone number (and a really snazzy new phone to go with it.)  So if you had my previous number and didn’t get a text yesterday, shoot me an email and ask for the new digits.  Or if you didn’t have my number to begin with and want it, you can email for that as well!

So that’s what’s up with me!  Hopefully these changes aren’t too crazy!


  1. says

    Yeah for a new url! Kind of like a new blogging start but with all your peoples following you around still :)

    Also, you give your number out? You crazy girl. I am terrified to tell people what 'burb I live in!

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