Sometimes you just need a little “me” time.

I worked Wednesday through Monday and by yesterday I was ready for a break.  This weekend was college move in weekend which meant that we were prepared to be busy.  This was a darn good thing because all summer it felt like I was really struggling to make money.  It felt good to go home with lots of money each day!

This week I have lots to do before I leave for Milwaukee on Thursday.  I want to get all my school word done before I leave because… well, who wants to do homework when you’re supposed to be having a fun weekend away?  So that will be tomorrow’s plan.  I also need to get a haircut tomorrow, run to the bank AND the library.  Then I work a mid on Wednesday, 8:30 to 3 on Thursday and I leave for Milwaukee right after that.  It’s going to be nuts and I think this girl may be a bit cranky after that drive Thursday!

Needless to say when I got home yesterday all I wanted was a little time to myself.  So what did I do?  I painted my toenails (a fun mauve-y color called Haze of Love), dyed my hair (nice and dark with NO grays), at some ice cream and formed a new obsession: L.A. Ink.  How have I not watched that show yet?  It’s totally bringing my tattoo obsession to a whole new level!

Anyway, that’s what’s up with me right now!  Things are a little nuts but really fun too. 

Stay tuned for more sponsors this week!  Cannot wait to see who wins my birthday giveaway!


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    Yay for taking some me time. I RARELY do that – when I have a couple of hours spare at home I usually find myself catching up on chores instead of taking some time to relax!

    Just a sidenote – and I'm sure you probably already know – your URL still redirects to…

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    Oh gosh, that made me tired :) Love "me" days – sometimes they are SO necessary. I've never watched L.A. Ink before, but my friend was just on it recently so that's kind of fun!

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    I'm super super excited you're coming to Milwaukee and I'm glad you got some me time. I wish you could meet my hubby this weekend. He has so many tattoos, so I get my fix from him.

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    i love me time. it is always needed. i have been trying to have me time at least once a week, it's a new goal of mine. yummy food, wine/beer (depending on my mood) and whatever show i'm in the mood for. all curled up in bed and enjoying spending time with just myself. wonderful.

    i hope you have a great trip!

    ps i love la ink. new york ink is pretty bad ass too.

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    Why does it always seem like when we have stuff to do we have TONS of stuff to do.

    My go to stress reliever is Caramel/Vanilla Duo from Breyers…yummy!

    Wish you luck and a safe trip.

    ♥ Shia

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