10 Day You Challenge ~ 2 Songs

  1. Soar by Christina Aguilera.  I know Christina kind of gets a bad rap sometimes.  But really, I’ve always kind of seen her as the kind of person that doesn’t really care what anyone else thinks.  And I think in a world where so many people are SO concerned with what others think it’s just kind of refreshing.  Whenever I listen to this song it reminds me to stop caring so much about what other people think about me – to just be myself, be happy with that and anyone who isn’t happy with that can… well, keep walking.  I love the positive message of this song and hey, it doesn’t help that Christina has a dynamite voice (love her or hate her you can’t help but admit that.
  2. Swim by Jack’s Mannequin.  I’ve been listening to this song A LOT lately.  It’s all about keeping your head above water even when the tide threatens to pull you out and under.  Obviously, words like that are pretty influential to me right now.  The thing I love about this song, and a lot of songs by Jack’s Mannequin, is the positive messages that they contain.  And for me this one is really special to me.  It’s a song I can listen to a million times and it helps pick my heart up and reminds me to keep going.


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    I love that you posted this. Music touches my heart in a way nothing else can. There are certain songs that will forever stop me in my tracks because I associated them with a certain time in my life. Love to you!

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    Both beautiful songs. I just read the post about the breakup. So sorry!!! But hey things happen for a reason and there's always a bright spot there somewhere. Maybe "Keep Your Head Up" is what you need :)

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    I love how music can totally change your mood–it works when nothing else can! I feel the same way about Christina Aguilera–you really can't deny her amazing voice. I think she's awesome!

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