I want to thank you all for all your wonderful comments.  Not just yesterday but every time I’ve posted lately saying I’m down or had a hard day I get this outpouring of comments, tweets, emails and text messages checking in on me to make sure I’m okay.  Truly it means the world to me.

I wish I could say more about what’s going on.  To be honest, it just isn’t something I’m ready to talk about here just yet.  It hurts me because to me you all have become friends and I don’t like to keep secrets from my friends.  However, at the moment I’m not even sure what’s happening or what is going to happen.  And until I am sure I just don’t think it’s something that I should be discussing online – whether or not I consider you all friends of mine.

I guess I’m just writing this to say thank you thank you thank you.  There are some days when I feel so sad and getting all these kind messages help me more than I could ever say.  And I hope soon I can say exactly what’s going on and maybe you all will understand why there are days that I just cannot be happy, shiny, rainbowy Krysten.

I’ll say that no one is sick.  No one is dying.  What this is is something that may be hard but is something that I know one way or another I’ll get through.

I guess just stick with me.  Hopefully I’ll be able to be less vague soon.

Until then, one more time, thank you.


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    sending lots of hugs and love your way. You are a strong lady. I know you'll get through what ever is comin' at you. I hope things calm down a bit for you asap.

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    i understand about not writting about it on line, i don't write a lot of stufff on line because i relly dont want certain people to come across it! I'm so thankful to have some bloggy friends that i can say anything to in an email, i can rant about stuff to my hearts content! really, blogging friends are just the best. We're all here for you :) xx

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    Aw, Krysten, I'm sorry things are down right now, but everything will turn around I'm sure! Keep your head up. We love you!!


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    Darling, no matter how much we all care about you, sometimes it's best to keep the hard, still undecided personal stuff to yourself until you're really ready to talk about it. We're all here for you now, and we'll be here whenever you need us. You already know you can get through absolutely anything-and we've got your back through it all.

    xoxoxoxox, Lena

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    I hope things get better soon. There is always an end, sometimes it just takes time to see the light at the end of the tunnel but it's there. I promise! I hope you keep your head up and have the strength to get through whatever it is! Take time for yourself and try to relax for at least a few minutes every day to remove yourself from whatever is going on. All your readers love and support you no matter what! Don't feel pressure to spill it all on here though. Do what's best for you! :)

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    I hope things get better too. I wish I could have just copied and pasted this entire post. lol I am going through the same messed up stuff in my life. maybe not the SAME thing but I've definitely been down and I can't bear to discuss it right now. I will say a little prayer for both of us (even though I'm not a super religious person)…maybe it'll help. xoxo

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    I, too, am sending good thoughts your way in the hopes that they may help you be strong as you go through whatever it is that is currently troubling you. XOXO!

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    You never have to explain to us what you are going through but if you ever feel like it, we are all ears.

    Whatever it is, I am thinking of you and hoping that all goes well. Hugs to you!

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    Email me if you ever want or need to talk~ Praying for peace with whatever God has planned for you, his plan ALWAYS pre-vails it sometimes takes us so many times of falling flat on our face till we finally figure out his way is the only way.

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