I hate hypocrites.  I also hate people that are in positions of power and they treat people below them poorly.  And I hate managers that wouldn’t do just as much if not more than they’d ask of their employees.

Why am I telling you all this?  Sadly because this is what I had to deal with this weekend.  And I feel like I can’t really say exactly what happened because I worry that somehow, some way the person I’m talking about will find out about this.  At the same time, maybe I wish that person would.  Because I shouldn’t be cut from my shift early and crying in the bathroom because of the way I’ve been treated.

I don’t like to cause drama at work.  I try really hard to be professional when I’m at work.  But I also don’t like being singled out and treated poorly for something that isn’t even worth singling someone out over.  And I guess I’m tired of it.

The worst part is that when I turn around and dish out the EXACT SAME TREATMENT to that person they feel like they have the right to be mad at me.  And it’s just ridiculous and childish.

I guess I just need to tell myself that I’m better than this and that I don’t treat people poorly just because I can.  I need to suck it up, keep my mouth shut and know that I’ll be moving on whereas this person is stuck with the life they choose to live.

Still.  For that one day when I’m being treated badly it’s really hard to just keep my mouth shut.



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    maybe this is one of those times that you need to rely on karma? I hear it's a bitch…

    Hang in there – things will get better for you, just have to have patience!

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    I know how you feel about being treated poorly by people in higher positions….but I agree with Ang "Karma is a bitch" and they will get theirs soon, because one day they will do it to the wrong person! I am waiting for that day 😀 Hope you have a great week!

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    doesn't that suck when you have to work with people like that? it's always very difficult for me to hold my tongue(so to speak). i hope today will be a better day for you!

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    That stinks I'm sorry girl. I hope it gets better a sticky sitch at work is not fun.

    A good friend told me once & I always tell myself this on a bad day…"Tomorrow is ALWAYS a fresh new day"

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    sorry to hear about that, krysten; that sucks. is there anyway to find work someplace else? no one should be treated like that!

    i hope today is a better day.

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    managers that act like this never get the best out of their staff, and it will come back and bite them on the ass one day when they are in a pickle. My staff know that i will always help them out and in return they do their best and never walk out on a busy shift when they are supposed to be finished.. they always go the extra mile if they are able, and hardly ever ring in sick.
    I would guess that you wouldnt go out of your way for this person and so you shouldnt, they need to get a grip.

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    ew my old manager used to do things like this to us. just to be a dick. and then the rest of the managers would go on power trips and we hated them all. i totally know how you feel. don't worry, you won't have to be there that much longer. it won't be your life job.. try keeping that in mind love!

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    I hope you can find another place to work. The best time to look for a job is when you have a job! Sorry you were treated so poorly.

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    Yuck I'm sorry. When I come across people like that (especially managers), I tell myself that they don't have any power at home so that's why they're playing little games with me.

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    I think you've said it yourself, these people are stuck in these situations, you are moving onto bigger and better things. It doesn't make it okay for them to treat you this way but they have nothing else and you have the world. I agree with Nikki's comment above, I always say people, esp security guards in my country have a huge power trip simply because they don''t have power any where else over anyone else…chin up beautiful :)

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    I have been there, girl, and I know how much it sucks. I've even been there with people who are on the same job-level as me and that always sucks a little more. In my current (soon to be OVER!) job, I've had to deal with a LOT involving my managers and I can only hope I won't have to deal with the childishness at my new job.

    All I can say is hang in there and find someone you can vent to at your job. They're the only ones who truly get it and having my work BFF has been amazing for me to be able to make it through those tough days.

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    Oh ya, keeping your mouth shut at work can suck sometimes. But you're right, you will be moving on soon enough! Just stick it out.

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    Aww, this is so frustrating – but try to focus on this point forward, not that point that's already happened, and just have faith that the universe has a way of evening things out! Chin up pretty lady!

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    I'm sorry to hear this, love. It's hard… but I've learned never to give people that much power. At the end of the day, there are people who are happy in life, and some who sadly aren't. And it sounds as though this person falls in the latter category. Remember always how very awesome you are, and think of the strong network of support you have around you.

    I'm sorry you had this happen at work though. Hope there are better days ahead for you. *HUGS*

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