Storytelling in 30 Photos ~ Photo Twelve

12. A picture from my every day life.

Yep, do you see that?  This is me sitting at the desktop while on the laptop watching So You Think You Can Dance while blogging.  And of course I have a mug of tea (every now and again I do drink tea instead of coffee) and my chapstick and cell.  The desk is always a bit of a mess but when I miss a TV show it’s nice to be able to use it to catch up.
Tell me I’m not the only one that uses two computers at one time.


  1. says

    Ha, I would if I had 2 computers! We're a one laptop family but I'm constantly multitasking with my computer and our longggg list of DVR-ed shows. :)

  2. says

    If I had two computers, I'd be doing the same thing. Although, I do sit on my iphone at the computer- does that count?? Oh, and I totally love SYTYCD. I think we're meant to be friends :)

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