Pool Party!

Well the main news around here is the pool party that we’re gearing up for on Saturday!  It was my brother’s 26th birthday on Sunday and Dustin’s 28th is this Thursday so we’re throwing a pool party in honor of them both.  There will be lots of this:


And lots of this:

And hopefully the weather will so that I can wear this:
And my super cute pink maxi dress from F21.
I’m also really excited because this weekend will be my first WHOLE WEEKEND off from work since I started there in January.  How insane is that?  Although the lack of money will be a bit of a bummer I’m going to live it up and enjoy myself to the fullest.
So, if you’re around town feel free to stop by!  And if not… be jealous, hehe.


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    Uh very very very important question… where did you get that picture of the alcohol and do you know if you can get WKD products? As far as I know we can't get them into the US unless bringing them back from a trip and WKD Blue is my FAVORITE!!!!! YUM!

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