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I feel like I should be writing a highs and lows post about the last few days but I won’t.  I’m in a paragraph kind of mood.

I’m not going to even pretend that Dustin and I haven’t hit one of those rough patches that you hear about in marriages.  I won’t go into details but things have been a little hard.  We’re working on them and I have faith that we’ll figure things out.  But if you see sad tweets from me or if you’re friends with me on Facebook feel free to give words of encouragement.  And if I need to talk I know I can email, tweet and text.

So Monday night was kind of rough.  Tuesday morning was kind of rough too.  Tuesday afternoon Dustin came home early and we went out to dinner at one of the bars here in town.  And then I had to go to bed early because I had to open at work on Wednesday.

I’m not sure how I feel about opening yet.  It’s definitely easier than at Caribou.  At Caribou there was always SO much to do and although we were supposed to get there half an hour early I tended to show up even earlier so I could get everything done and not have a stressful morning.  At Perkins we only need to be there 15 minutes early and everything is pretty much good to go in those fifteen minutes.  The only problem is that there’s this group of older people that come in around 6:30 or so.  They’re used to having the same server during the week and I know they get annoyed having me because I don’t know everything they like.  I’m sure it’s harder for them than it is for me but it can still be frustrating something.

However, Wednesday went pretty well and I walked away $100 richer.  Not too shabby.

Dustin was home early again on Wednesday so we had hot dogs for a late lunch and then sat out in the sun by the pool.  The pool is too cold to swim in yet but we were able to dip our legs in while drinking Hard Ice Tea and eating freezie pops.

Wednesday night I was kind of exhausted from waking up at 4.  So we got I Am Number Four (which was good although they added things in that weren’t in the book which always annoys me) from Redbox, bought some candy and popcorn (and my favorite old fashion cream soda) and watched that and then our tape from Tuesday night’s The Voice.

So.  Good days and bad.  I’m hopeful we’ll get through it.  We just need to take things one day at a time.

Please keep us in your thoughts and wish for more good days than bad.


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    Steven and I hit the rough spot almost as soon as we came home from our honeymoon. it was bad. :( Just know that if you need anything feel free to let me know!
    You'll get through it, and when you do you will have a much stronger relationship. It's all about keeping the faith and not giving up.
    You can do it :)
    Sending you love!

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    Everyone has a rough spot here and there. Just know that I am here for you, and you will get through it. Marriage is all about working together, hand in hand, through the good and the bad, and if you can get through this, you can get through anything! Heart you!!!

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    You know how great the blog world is and that you have a big support system here and lots of virtual hugs! I hope things get better soon :)

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    Ah the stuff they don't tell you about in marriage – how freaking hard it is sometimes!

    Good luck girl, you guys are a strong team and can get through anything! Lotta communication and then a lotta make up sex! =)

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    LOTS of thoughts and positive vibes sent your way!!

    (PS – I got your check like forever ago, I'm just REALLY bad about getting to the bank… so I promise I'll do that in the next couple of days! Sorry!)

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    I am sending you all the happy vibes I can mustard. I am sure you and your hubby will work things out. We all go through rough patches. Its a part of life but your relationship will be stronger because of it.

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    It'll all work out. I'm still in my first two years of marriage and we still have a lot to figure out. I'm sure it all gets easier with time. :) xoxo

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    You guys seem like a really strong couple so I'm sure you'll work through whatever you're going through right now. Have faith. All marriages have their ups and downs but it sounds like you are slowly coming out of the downs.

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    awww! I'm so sorry to hear this. The most important parts of the marriage are the parts where you have to work together with your husband…even when it isn't easy and even when it isn't fun. Relish in the thought that you have picked the man to be your husband who is your best friend. You'll get through it.
    My thoughts are with you and I'm definitely sending warm fuzzies/hugs and positive vibes your way sweet girl!

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    I think all marriages hit rough spots at some time or another. So, it's normal…and you WILL get through it if you both stick to it. It's hard…I speak from experience. I've been married almost 15 years…so much has transpired. I can look back now and see how far we've come. Hang in there…I heard a very interesting statistic the other day in church. Our Pastor was saying that if a person gets divorced and remarried, there is a 70% chance that they will divorce again. (I'm not implying that you're talking about this at ALL)…but it just proves that there will always be challenges…but you can overcome them. Take care…hi-d

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    Jorge and I are going through a very rough patch right now as well. Some days are so amazing, and others are just awful. We're sticking in there, though!

    You're definitely not alone and I think these times do happen in every marriage. I know my parents went through it, but overall they have a great marriage.

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    We've all been there with our partners, or at least I hope we all have, because I might have to hate a girl who hasn't. Sometimes stuff is just tough. But keep putting one foot in front of the other, trying not to let yesterday's fight become today's nagging annoyance, and eat plenty of popsicles.

    xoxoxoxox, Lena

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    I'm sorry you're going through a tough time, Krysten. I'm not married and have no relationship advice to offer, but I am here if you ever need someone to vent to.

    I do hope more good days are coming your way!

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    Rough patches happen. Just remember how awesome things can be, and use that as motivation to work through it all. They suck though. But just as regular good and bad days, relationships have good and bad times, and just like days, there is always something good about the relationship, even in the rough patches.

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    Alan and I had a really rough first year. It was awful, and I felt so disillusioned about what marriage was going to be like. But we got through it, and though we have the occasional rough patch (who doesn't?), things are pretty darn good, 9 years down the road!

    Keep the faith. It'll get better.
    Thinking of you and sending happy vibes your way.

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    :( Well this is just a whole lot of pants for you both, and i'm sorry. I have no great words of wisdom i'm afraid, but am sending you a big hug which is much better anyway xx

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    Your honesty is brave. It is so normal for married people to go through phases, ups and downs, but people don't really talk about that. It's not always fun, and sometimes it just "is." We have had many phases and still persist. We've been married/together for almost 14 years. It is a beautiful thing. Once you get past certain patches, you know you are truly in it together.

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    It's so normal to have good and bad times. It just sucks when you're in the bad ones. My fiancé and I have been together for 9 years and have had our share of them. You'll make it and be stronger in the end! Good thoughts coming your way!

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    I am going to agree with everyone else here, ups and downs are normal in a marriage. Sending good energy your way.

    I try to remind myself that going through rough times with someone is always better than going through them alone.

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    Rough patches stink, but I like your positive attitude about it. We have been going through one as well because of my health, finances and my lack of a job. Hopefully those things will resolve themselves soon and we can get back to good, but it's been a great way to learn how the two of us handle stress and how much we need to band together when life gets hard. Not to say we didn't have a few fights along the way, but I think we're handling it better now. I hope things continue to get better and better for you guys!

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    I'm not married but being with someone for almost 7 years and living with them for over 4 years qualifies for something! Sometimes it's a roller coaster and you just have to ride it out. Everything happens for a reason. You'll both be stronger after you get through this. Sending good vibes to you both.

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    Every couple goes through rough patches. If you didn't then it would be a "real" relationship. B and I have been through many rough patches but we always rally on and make it through. In the end it does make you stronger as a couple.
    I will say a prayer for your two tonight.

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    Good thoughts coming up, my dear. Don't despair. This too shall come to pass. All couples go through this and I have faith that you and Dustin will come out on the other side. All my love going out to you guys right now. *HUGS*

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    Hi honey, sorry for your bad days. I hope you have been having more good days than bad. I hope that you and Dustin can bridge the gap and find more understanding for one another. I know sometimes it is hard, but it will be worth it in the end. Heart you!

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    So sorry girl. I've been away but saw your sad tweets and fb udates sometimes, and just wanted to send you millions of encouraging hugs!

    Consider this a HUGE HUG from me.
    Things will turn around and be better. I have faith in that.

    And about those customers in the morning…eventually they will love you. They just need time. They were used to their regualr server and now you're a total stranger, but in time they're gonna love ya and be annoyed if someone else comes in. :)


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