I have been a little…
Can you tell?
I can’t totally pinpoint what it is.
But I kind of can.
Does that make any sense.
No need to worry.
This isn’t really a bad distraction.
I’m just a little…
So if I seem not so much myself.
Just go with it.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. says

    Aw, well hope you're feeling a little more yourself soon. We all have times like that so just take time to do whatever you need to for yourself!

  2. says

    Sweetie – I HEAR YA!!! Just take things day by and and you'll do fine. Oh, and remember to enjoy the little things :-)

    Happy Tuesday! xo

  3. says

    yup. Know the feeling. Since Christmas actually. I'm making an effort though. Otherwise i was in danger of melt down. Hope you get it together soon! x

  4. says

    Trust me–I TOTALLY know what you're going through. Here's hoping you can find some way to relax this weekend (well, I should say here's hoping you have some TIME for yourself to relax this weekend). Much love to you.

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