Spring is here?

On Tuesday it FINALLY felt like spring was here!  Dustin decided to take the day off so that we could get some things done around the house and he could mow the lawn.

First things first was cleaning up all the glass in the bathroom.  What a mess.  As I mentioned, we had two glass doors for our shower and on Monday one of them just randomly shattered out of nowhere.  No idea how or why.  So we spent about an hour cleaning up the glass and then using a shop vac to get the rest of the tiny pieces.  What a chore.  After that we made a much needed run to Target to buy a shower curtain,  liner and a rod so that we could take shower again.

The shower minus the doors
All the glass finally cleaned up
 The new curtain
After Target Dustin wanted to mow the lawn so Monte and I sat out on the front step while he did.  It was SO nice to have it finally be kind of warm outside!
Our first flowers of spring, yay
Hanging outside wearing my much love illy garland
Monte and me (yep, Monte’s wear his newest t-shirt. It says “You go fetch!” on it)

Dustin and Monte

D mowing the lawn

I am SO hoping this weather decides to stick around because honestly snow in May makes me want to cry!
How’s your spring so far?


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    We had like four days of nice mild spring weather and then yesterday the high was over 90 :( apparently we have skipped straight to summer.

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    Sitting outside enjoying the sun on your skin is one of the best feelings, isn't it? I love the spring weather we are finally starting to get here in WI and I just hope it stays!

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    It's been slightly warmer here this week, and by warmer I mean it's been in the upper 50s. It's still so cold at night and our house is 66 degrees because we turned the heat off long ago. I'm so ready for it to act like spring!

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    there's nothing like warm, sunny weather after all that cold {and snow – yikes}! i hope it sticks around from here on through the summer, so you can get to having those pool parties! :)

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    I know exactly where you live just by seeing the buldings across the street! :) Hahaha, at least that's not being Creeper McCreeperson!! Only kidding, but I just love the fact that you live only 10 minutes from where where I grew up. :)

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    I hope the weather stays nice for you over there. If you need some more sunshine, just let me know and I'll try and send some your way. 😉

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    If it wouldn't have been for the sweet comment you left me *thank you*, I would have never stumbled upon your blog! It is absolutely adorable! :]

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