The only word I could use to describe this weekend is exhausting.  Seriously.

Friday I worked from 3 to 8.  The minute I got to work I had tables.  To add to that, my co-worker Randall worked a double.  He was a server in the morning and then a manager when I got there.  So he forget to do his side work, which was restocking the server fridge.  That was also my side work, so when I was finally cut I found a totally unstocked fridge.  I also had a ton of silverware to roll.  Not fun.  Not a good way to start the weekend.

I had to rush home from work so that I could go to sleep because I had to be back at 7 the next morning.  Saturday was insane.  When I got there it was me and one other server.  We started to get busy and by the time the 3rd server came on we were getting slammed.  Our 4th server overslept so it was basically three of us serving the entire restaurant.  It was horrible.  And it went on like that the entire day.  So when I finally got home I figured I would go to bed really early, catch up on my sleep and be good to work on Sunday morning.  Except I had a hard time falling asleep and then when I finally did I didn’t stay asleep long.  And I tossed and turned all night.

Sunday I was in at 9.  The day started off slow.  In fact, after my first 3 hours I was only up to $30 in tips, which is low for a Sunday.  Then we started to get busy.  Add to that the fact that I was going off of very little sleep and it was rough.  I honestly just wanted to run home and go to sleep.

Nonetheless, I managed over $130 on Saturday in tips (a 6.5 hour shift) and $100 in tips on Sunday (a 6 hour shift).  So that definitely made up for how slow it was on Wednesday and Thursday nights!

I still managed to stay awake for hot dogs on the grill and a few drinks after work.  Taryn came over and Ryan was home too so we watched some episodes of Lost.  I can’t believe Dustin wants to watch it all over again.  Grr.

So that was my weekend.  Can’t blame me for wishing I had today off can you?

P.S. Entries for the Summer Must Haves Swap are no longer being accepted.  Thanks to everyone who entered, you’ll receive your partner info within the next 24 hours!


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    haha right?! Being a human IS exhausting! I hope you get some rest yay for tips! Can't wait for the swap a roo, so fun!

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    Wow – what a busy day! Hope you took it easy today! I had a jam packed weekend too but instead of serving people, I tried to teach their kiddos golf. Yeah – 8 hours of 5-8 year olds with golf clubs. Dangerous I say! Rest up!

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    I was a waitress last summer and I can totally commiserate with you. Keep your head up though! Sleep is totally optional (joking!)

    Eternally yours,

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