Happy Saturday V5.1


10 Things That Make Me Happy This Week
1.Bright colored nail polish
2. Ikea
3. Crouton
4. Brothers and Sisters
5. Skirts
7. Revamping the fireplace mantle
8. Long John Silver’s (who even knows what that is?)
9. Flip flops
10. Homemade popsicles


  1. says

    Flip-flops {accompanied by brightly coloured toenails} and skirts make me happy too. Sadly, the weather has not yet made that possible. In May maybe?

    And Long John Silver's… is that a restaurant? I remember seeing commercials for it on tv when I was a kid, I think.

    Happy Saturday morning, Krysten!

  2. says

    Long John Silver's was like a special treat when we were kids! We would add an order of "crumbs" which is basically just the batter fried leftover from the grill, gross right!?

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