Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Sadly, the hubs couldn’t get the day off work.  Bummer since today and tomorrow are my weekend.  However, he’ll be working through lunch so that we can go out to dinner here:
The ever fantastic Flame Rotisserie Grill & Bar
Dustin did manage to take tomorrow off so I’m hoping we can have a nice romantic night out and then sleep in together tomorrow.  It’ll be nice and after working all weekend I am REALLY looking forward to it!
But to me Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day to be celebrated with a significant other; it is also a day to tell everyone you love that you love them.
And so, from the bottom of my heart, a happy Valentine’s Day to all of you.  Thank you for being such fabulous readers and friends.  Each of you means so much to me!
Have a wonderful V-Day all!
Engagement Picture circa 2008


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    You are so right, it's for love to be shared all around! I hope you have an amazing dinner, the restaurant looks awesome. We went out last night to our fancy dinner and thoroughly enjoyed it. We'll have a relaxing V-Day night staying in – doesn't get much better than that!

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    Thank you for a wonderfully sweet post :) Wishing you and Dustin a very happy Valentine's Day, too! That restaurant looks phenomenal and I love the idea of sleeping in. Awwww!!

    Also, HOW STINKIN' CUTE is that photo of you guys? Love :)

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    Happy Valentine's Day!
    I definitely relate to having different weekends, it's so tough. Hopefully you two get to enjoy each other tonight & tomorrow morning!

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    Happy valentine's day to you too! Yesterday (valentine's day here in australia) i went to a yoga class where the teacher explained that as a child she kind of misunderstood the meaning of valentine's day and would give her mum a flower every year, but she said that while our society tells us it's a day for lovers, yoga tells us that we should love everyone so what she was doing was great. Anyway, just a long way of saying that i totally agree with you :)

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    My husband had to work on Monday night too! But we're going to have fun tonight.

    Hope you had a happy valentine's!


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