To Chop or Not To Chop

Oh no.  It’s happening again.

I am NEVER satisfied with my hair.  I have the kind of hair that I always have to style it somehow or else it’s a frizzy mess.  And I tend to want long hair when my hair is short and short hair when my hair is long.

Currently my hair is a bit past my shoulders.  Not super long but not short either.  I tend to either wear it totally straight or I’ll use a barrel curling iron to put big curls in it.  Nothing overly interesting.  Oh, and did I mention I have natural wave in my hair?  It definitely doesn’t help.

I’ve been growing my hair out for about a year and a half.  Before that I had an inverted bob which I loved but was a bit of upkeep.  And now I am itching for short hair.  Oh no!  I started searching around last night and found some cute styles with bangs:

I’m kind of itching to get a haircut.  What do you all think?  Keep growing it out or chop it off?


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    I just chopped 5 inches off of mine! I have the wavy and frizzy hair as well! I always want long hair, but honestly, my hair just doesn't do what I want to do unless I spend 35 minutes every day on it, and I just don't put the time into my hair to have it long! So I got it chopped! I love it! I can look really cute in a matter of 5 minutes!

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    I know what you mean, I really need a haircut too, and I'm itching for a shorter one, but fearing it will take too much styling and soon having a baby I'm sticking to the semilong hair so that I can always pull it back in a ponytail.
    But I say go for it, change is always nice, and I love the styles you found:)

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    Well the warmer weather is coming & Naturally people have shorter hair in the summer. I have hair all the way down my back & I'm thinking of cutting it short. If you are I think you should go for the Katie Holmes style. She looks so pretty with that hair cut! Good luck with your choice!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

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    I don't know but I was going through the same debate yesterday. I just wanted to cut my hair and go dark! Usually every winter, I dye my hair like the colors in the pictures, just for a change. But with grad pictures, I knew that I couldn't because I wanted to be blonde in the them, and even if I dyed it in like Nov. it wouldn't be back to the usual light blonde by February. SigH!! Guess I'll have to wait till this winter.. But really, I do need some style to my hair.

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    I wouldn't. Just so I'd know what it was like to have the hair grown longer…so it would give me more possibilities to change it. Your length is exactly at that state you just don't know what to do with it…it's neither short nor long and it's annoying. LOL I know the feeling. I'm letting mine grow, so I can cut it later on and until then try all kinds of crazy looks. 😉

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    Think of August… ok? Think of how you want to look. I'm hoping my hair grows dramatically more. I might even start prenatal vitamins just for my hair to grow a little bit faster. :)

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    I say "Do it!"

    I have had short hair for all of my adult life. Every few months I go through the same thing where I want to try to grow it out just to see if I can do it, but then I get sick of the length and the weight of my hair and end up chopping/shearing it all off again. I just went to the salon on Tuesday and it was one of the most satisfying, aggressive haircuts I've had in a long time.

    So, in my opinion, you should totally go for it. The Katie Holmes hair is super adorable.

    It's just hair. It always grows back.

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    If you can pull off short hair (unlike me) then you should most def do a cute sytlish cut!! Summer is around the corner & it'll be nice to have less hair to make you hot & to blow dry flat iron etc (oh wait…does it not get triple digits where you live like it does here?) lol

    The fun thing about hair is you can dye it cut & if you hate it, it grows back :) Plus you can get extensions too hehe

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    I love the first and last photos (although they look like very different haircuts to me!). I just got about six inches taken off mine and it's such a refreshing change. Although I think it's up to you in the end…. When I have little control over other things in my life (like workload, time, weather) then I like to make a change somewhere that I am able. If you feel like taking charge and making a change I'd say do it.

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    I have actually had that exact haircut Katie Holmes has.. it's absolutely FABULOUS, but be warned, it is a b!t©h to grow out!! I say go with the Rachel McAdams one… gorgeous!!!

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    I had a short bob for almost 2 years and loved it, then I started wishing I had long hair to put in a ponytail. So I am growing it out. And now I wish it were short again… I feel your pain! The best thing is that hair always grows back, so I say – take the leap!

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    I just chopped mine off in December. Before that, my husband had only ever seen me with long hair…I mean passed-the-bra-strap long. So, I'm in favor of THE CHOP!…but you must post before and after pics :-)

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    I am the exact same way with my hair! I have naturally curly/wavy/thick hair & am never happy with it & always have to struggle to make anything cute out of it! I always want to grow it out long, but get so impatient that I always end up cutting it short!

    I think you should go for it! You should get the haircut in the 1st or 4th photo – both are adorable!

    Haircuts always make you feel like a new person, too! :)

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    I used to be just like you… getting bored with my hair every 6 months and chopping it all off. Finally I decided to grow it out for the first time since i was 5. It's halfway down my back and it turns out my natural hair color is really pretty (who knew? haha)

    I've never felt better about it!

    I will always recommend growing it out because that's what most people are more attracted to (you could still add the bangs though haha)

    Plus with long hair I don't have to style it… just let it airdry.

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    Oh, I know how that feels! I cut bangs a little over a year ago spur of the moment, and I've regretted it ever since! Let me suggest that if you have naturally wavy hair, skip the bangs-I have pretty straight hair, and I was ALWAYS fixing my damn bangs!

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    I say chop it off! I always get tired of my hair after a period of time, so I chop it off and let it grow back. (It's in the grow back stage now because of the wedding!)

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    I am always so indecisive about my hair! If I cut it I end up missing it, but when its long I get annoyed with it! Its a hard decision, can't wait to see what you decide!

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    I do the same thing! I would look back at photos of yourself and see which cuts look the best. It always grows back though, so don't be afraid to go bold…

    I think I was just talking ot myself there 😉

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    ooh, my goodness these hair cuts are absolutely gorgeous as is your blog. I love, that style of hair cut along with the hair colour. I say …cut it! New hair, is always such a fabulous refresher. xx veronika

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    I love the first pic! I say do it!

    Of course to be fair, I am always pushing people to get bobs and stuff because I could NEVER wear my hair like that.

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    I love all those styles but at the same time I am the same way, short hair vs long hair- so I've gotta say my advice would be to keep growing it and fulfill that want before chopping it off. I also had an A line at one point, fun but hard to maintain! stick with a cute bob!:)

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    I hate my hair as well so I recently went for the bob hair cut as you may have noticed. I had been wanting to do it for most of last year but didn't have the courage since it was a big change. I am overall pleased that I did it but it does take a lot of blow drying and styling. I would say go for it because hair is meant to be fun and enjoyed with different styles.

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    When I started reading this post my suggestion was totally going to be to add bangs! I did bangs two winters ago and they weren't nearly thick enough but I think it's a fun way to totally change up your look!

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    Keep growing it out! Trust me, you'll want the long hair back in no time. I've been growing mine out for two years and it's yet to be the length I want! I get that itch to chop it off too, but I refuse, ha!

    I have to admit, though, I'd never seen that photo of Rachel McAdams and love that hairstyle! BUT… she probably had someone style it for her each time because my hair never looked like that when short!

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    I think the Rachel McAdams cut would look adorable on you!

    I've never been able to wear bangs due to a lovely cowlick. You definitely rock them though!

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    I say cut it. The best thing about hair is that it grows back (most of the time). I love my hair short. My husband likes it longer, but I think I might keep it this way for awhile.

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    I agree with Salt…it will always grow back.

    I do have a suggestion for your frizzies though. There is a Paul Mitchell shampoo called Awapuhi Ginger. It's in a black bottle and it's made to tame frizzy hair. There is an oil that you put on before you blow dry and it will give you the look of a Brazilian blow out. It's a little pricey, but worth it.

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    I was giggling reading this, because that's exactly how I am. I've had short hair for a while, and I love it, but I'm always itching for a change. I say go for it!! But then again I always am jealous of others' long locks, so maybe not. See, I'm no help!

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    i had long hair and did the same hair style….i was horrified at the way it looked and longed for my long hair back. now that I have it back I'm KEEPING it!! lol

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    I suffered from chopper's remorse right after I cut all of my hair off a few weeks ago but now I LOVE it. It takes a fraction of the time to straighten and it feels sooo much healthier. I say go for it! It will always grow back :)

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    does your hair grow fast? mine does so i don't feel as guilty when i have chopped it in the past. i think shorter hair is easier to maintain, minus bangs which i get too lazy to do even with the swoopy bangs, lol. so my advice is if you don't like dealing with bangs maybe have a mid length cut that you can style. otherwise grow that hair girl. i'm actually growing mine out to give to locks of love. still have some inches to go first so my hair isn't really short when it's cut. :)

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    WOW! Lots of comments on this one!

    If you can rock the bangs, I say go for it. I have ALWAYS wanted this look but I have long, curly hair and it ain't happening. So I like to convince those who can to try something new :) LOOOVE J Love's hair~bet this would look super cute on you!

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