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Yesterday one of my fav bloggers, Liz, posted her “Six Confessions” and I decided today I’m going to be a total copycat.  My six confessions for all of you…

1) Rather than typing “six” I originally typed “sex”.  My mind of obviously in the gutter, hehe.

2) Speaking of sex, I feel this need to have a little sex Q&A here on After ‘I Do’ but I’m kind of worried how it will be received!  I usually keep things PG rated around here but come on now, I am a 27 year old married woman.  What do you all think?

3) I am craving my a salad from Perkins but I know the cooks would kill me because there’s so many random “Krystenisms” for it.  This is what a want: a BLT bread bowl salad.  No bacon, crispy chicken with buffalo sauce, extra tomatoes, extra cheese, croutons and extra buffalo sauce on the side.  My mouth is literally watering thinking about it. 

4) I care a lot what other people think of me.  I know I shouldn’t but I do.  This is especially annoying to me because this includes people I don’t know (customers, people at Target, etc.), people I barely know and people I don’t like (certain ex friends).  I try really hard to not let it bother me but thus far I haven’t been successful with that.

5) I really want to decorate our bedroom and make it look put together and cute but I’m at a loss.  When it comes to being visually creative, I’m just not awesome at it.  Anyone want to come help?

 6) I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy myself a slice of cherry cheesecake when I’m done with my shift tomorrow and I am going to enjoy every. single. bite.

Okay, now it’s time for you to air your confessions!


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    This is awesome! I love it! and I type sex all the time when I am really trying to type six .. It bothers me! I think talking about sex should be allowed.. I mean HELLO there are worst places we could read about it! That salad sounds amazing, and you have offically made me want one! Have a good day!

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    mmmmm cheesecake :) I used to care what others think but as ive got older i just stopped giveing a rats arse about it and it's made me so much happier. It takes way to much energy worrying about stuff like that, when really theres so many more important things to worry about. Like. Getting the salad just how you want it :) xx

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    1. I'd have done the same!
    2. DO IT! That sounds like loads of fun… DO IT! PLEASE – it's not like you're living in sin having sex like I'm soon to be 😉
    3. The salad sounds pretty bomb :)
    4. I do too… I know how you feel and it sucks. I'm working hard to get myself past that.
    5. with my move coming up, I'm starting to have some of those same thoughts… I don't think I'm going to be very good at it. Maybe we need to get together, drink coffee (or eat salad), and brainstorm.
    6. I kind of hate you for putting this thought in my head at 730am.

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    Whoa… how could anyone turn down bacon? Do you not like it at all? This just really boggles my mind.

    And I think it's okay that you care what people think of you. At least you care about other people. I can tell you are a good friend that way.

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    Great confessions!

    Though hard to admit, your #4 is something that affects me daily. I'm so afraid of being judged, or evaluated, or laughed at, or thought of badly.

    This is a huge obstacle for me in keeping up with my own blog, too!

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    Go for the cheesecake. That picture just made me drool all over my keyboard. Mmmm…

    I'm all for more sex talk! Maybe my mind is also in the gutter lately?? :)

    As for #4: this used to very accurately describe me as well. But I dunno. Maybe it had something to do with turning 30, I just stopped caring so much. You know why? Because everyone you encounter has experienced those very same insecurities. And there's a bit of comfort in knowing that. Most of us are sensitive beings at least :)

    Great post, girl!

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    Damn you for posting that cheesecake photo hahaha

    I worry a lot about impressing people I hate, too… it will all be worth it when I'm skinny and fabulous after a few months at the gym, right?

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    Bring on the sex talk! Don't worry what other people think…we're all too worried thinking about what other people think about us to think about you.

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    This is too cute! And to answer your questions, sex Q&A's wouldn't offend me at all.

    I care way too much what people think about me. I beat myself up for days on end if I think someone doesn't like me. We're too hard on ourselves!

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    Mmm, cherry cheesecake sounds divine! As for a little sex Q&A, I think most of us can handle it! Maybe mark the posts beforehand-I've always found that bloggers have fantastic advice, and I'm sure the same would hold true in this department!

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    what a great post! it made me smile! and i hope you enjoyed your cherry cheesecake! I love just treating myself to a nice piece of cake every so often – it really picks me up if i'm having a bad week!

    Love your blog – please visit mine sometime!

    love from

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    Ditto on #5. I am exactly the same way. Sometimes, I just have to say "They don't care as much as you think they do." Or… "You are NEVER going to see this person AGAIN. GET OVER IT." 😉 It works sometimes.

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    I type sex instead of six when I'm texting all the time (not good haha). I dont see anything wrong with discusing whatever you want. It's your blog! Now I can't stop thinking about cheesecake!

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    I confess that I wish I could reach through the screen right now and grab that piece of cheesecake. YUM.

    I love the idea of a little Q&A over here! (T&A? Hahaha!) We're all adults! I think it would be fun.

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    I was just telling my Mom I wish I had known more about the fun, adventurous parts of sex.

    I think a Q&A would be great.

    Glad to be a new follower, just in time. 😉

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    I'm all for having an open conversation about sex. I don't know why it's such a taboo subject. It's the most basic part of us. Bring it on!

    That salad sounds fantastic.

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    I think it would be a fab idea to have a Q&A. I'm pretty open about sex so it would be great to see someone's honesty!

    I too take things to heart about what others say too. You're not alone. One thing that helps me is thinking about what makes ME happy. Do I really care what they think about me? That helps me put things into perspective sometimes.

    I think your bedroom will look fabulous. Go on Tumblr and you'll find lots of interior inspiration there. :)

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    Six confessions….
    Sex Q&A would be fabulous. We are all adults and have different thoughts about it
    Its good to care about others and what they think but don't let it question who you are. My hubby is the same way, he needs to please others at all cost but he doesn't let it effect how he thinks of himself.
    Cherry cheesecake – yes please

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    I care way too much what other people thing as well. I don't understand it…especially when it's someone that I don't like and especially when their opinion is bad. I imagine I always will, no matter how hard I try not to.

    And sex Q&A…go for it.

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    So true about caring what people you don't like think (ex-friends) ugh, that's always the hardest. Because I can't do anything about it! blech… I hope you enjoyed that piece of cheesecake though! xo!

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    Thanks for sharing your confessions… I did this same post earlier this morning 😛 I love learning new things about the people behind the blogs that I love!

    and about the sex Q&A… I say go for it! it's your blog – you can do what you want!

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    Wow I could go for a lovely salad and some rich cheesecake. Yuummmm. I agree with #4 all the way and that goes for #5 too. And ask for sex Q&A go ahead. I mean its your blog, right? You don't have to be graphic or anything, just state what you want and don't give a dern what others have to say. :)
    Haven't been on your bloggy in a while. I really have missed it!

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    I think you should definitely do a little sex q & a…it's a part of life! Your blog is always so real and that's what I love about it…so if you want to go for it, then I think you should!

    And I could totally go for that piece of cheesecake!

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    That cherry cheesecake looks like the best thing ever!! I have only ever tasted strawberry and kiwi cheesecake but I can tell I am missing out…

    Hugs and a lovely weekend to you Krysten :)

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    Confession: For a split second I actually thought of telling Dr. Nutrition I would, in fact, join his group. I have to get this "nice girl" thing out of my system before I do something stupid like that!

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    That cheesecake looks amazing! lol. I think people are a bit nervous opening up on the internet, but there's nothing bad about opening yourself up to a taboo subject! Go for it!

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