Happy Saturday V4.1

10 Things That Make Me Happy This Week
1.Perkins chicken noodle soup
2. My photo wall
3. The library (it feeds my addiction)
4. Seeing Black Swan with Taryn
5. Dinner out with the hubs, Ryan and Jen
6. Razzles
7. Jimmy John’s
8. An early spring!?!
10. Brooke and Julian’s wedding on One Tree Hill

P.S. A very happy birthday to my Little Sister Jessie of I’m A Wife Now?  Go over and give her some birthday love!


  1. says

    Ooh, an early spring would be fabulous!

    Also, what'd you think of Black Swan?? I feel like the only person on earth who has yet to see it!

  2. says

    I am 100% with you on the jimmy johns and the library!! I just recently was informed of HOW the library works and everything they have to offer!! TOTALLY my new favorite place to go!

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