I have another confession to make.

I should wear either glasses or contacts.  I’ve needed them since I was in 4th grade.  I started out with glasses and then in 8th grade made the upgrade to contacts.  Unfortunately, the eye doctor suggested hard lenses verses soft ones and those can be a bit uncomfortable.  So during my senior year, I stopped wearing my contacts.  And didn’t bother wearing my eyeglasses either.

Now, before you all get all freaked out, I can see.  I see relatively well, actually.  Don’t ask me to read anything far away but I’m definitely not blind as a bat.  However, I feel like I need to be a responsible adult and start wearing SOMETHING.  And frankly, the idea of sticking contacts in my eyes just doesn’t appeal.  And I certainly can’t afford Lasik anytime soon.  Oh, and my current specs?  Certainly not cute.

The cool thing is that the website exists.  Because I tell you all what, I don’t have insurance and I can’t afford expensive eyewear; I need discount glasses.  With this website you can save up to 70% off, how insane is that?  And while you could say you’re getting cheap glasses, they definitely don’t look cheap. offers a wide range of multifocal glasses, cheap designer glasses, bifocal glasses, cheap prescription sunglasses and more.

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Tell me everyone, do you wear the correct eye wear when you should?


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    Not all the time. I've needed them for about 10 years now and I was always terrible for not wearing my glasses because I really don't have a "glasses face" – but I made the move to contacts a couple of years ago. Trust me, if I can sit through the "intro to contacts" appointment after getting it stuck halfway up my eyelid on my first attempt and STILL try again, you'll be fine!! :)

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    Great topic that hits VERY close to home. I started being unable to see in 8th grade, but I kept quiet about it all the way through to needing to take the driver's license test {because I couldn't stand the thought of being a freshman AND wearing glasses}, when I literally could not see any of the letters at all. Looked like a blank screen. So then I got glasses, and when I realized how BAD my vision was, I had to wear them.

    Once I got to college I got confident enough to rock some really fun glasses. I love my glasses now, they're copper and patterned and cool. I go through periods where I wear the contacts more than glasses, just depends on whether I want to mess with it or not.

    You'll figure it out :-)

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    I wear glasses for far away stuff (like driving, and when I'm grocery shopping) but not for close up stuff like my computer or reading. My biggest problem is losing my glasses. I would love a good back up pair.

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    I remember going to the eyedoctor thinking I needed reading glasses, but he told me I had to wear them all the time! My last pair of glasses I got for free, we had a smaller accident at work and something fell on my face and broke my glasses, so the works insurance covered my new pair, yeah! And yeah for cheap glasses!

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    I have worn glasses since I was 12 years old! I had glasses first but didn't last more than a few months, I HATED them. I don't mind glasses too much now but they just annoy me (ie. hard to run in glasses, they fog up during the winter, they slip down my nose during the summer, etc.). I lost my last pair of $400 glasses and haven't bought a new pair yet – eye wear is just SO expensive!

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    Unfortunately I do :( I would love love lasik, but of course it's not in my absolutely need budget so I wear contacts/glasses. I prefer contacts!
    Thanks for posting this website it is awesome! Have a great day!

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    i dont wear glasses but ive always wanted to – hehe, so i have a couple fake pairs. i always would love to wear contacts 'cause then i would change my eye color for fun. i know, i'm weird. oh, well. :)

    happy tuesday!!!

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    I don't have a choice. I've worn glasses since I was 8 and contact since I was 15. I can't see anything without them. Contacts work best because glasses tend to get in the way.

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    I've been wearing glasses forever, and 6 months ago my dog ate mine :( I have been looking into getting new ones but I don't have insurance either. thanks girl!

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    I've been wear contacts. I wonder if a different doctor might suggest soft contacts for you now. Contacts have come a long way in the last few years. To bad I can't teach you to put them in. I used to work in the eyeglass doctor's office. I got so good at teaching others to do it!

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    Thanks for sharing this website! I wear contacts & glasses. Let me tell you, it isn't cheap! I have insurance, but my insurance doesn't cover vision :( It nice to know that there is a website out there to help you out with the cost!

    And I used to HATE the thought of wearing contacts… but I got used to them & now they're the easiest thing in the world! I also have a cute pair of glasses that I keep as a back-up.

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    i love this post girl- i tend to wear my contacts and my glasses but this website is great! i should wear my glasses more since my contacts have been bothering me for a while :(

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    don´t need any yet (however the majority of my family has them). I do think people can look intelligent and sophisticated if they wear the right glasses..

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    i am going to check this place out, I wear glasses everyday and occasionally wear contacts if I am trying to be fancy but my glasses are not looking so hot…a new pair is getting to be necessary

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    I just wrote the longest comment in the history of the world and hit send, only to realize my Internet cut off. So I kind of want to cry, but I won't.

    ANYWAY. You know I have glasses and just recently got contacts to use when I'm running/exercising. I much, much prefer my glasses but contacts makes it all easier. Although, I hate having to put them in. It seriously takes me 5-10 minutes to make sure they feel comfortable.

    I just had an eye exam, contacts exam w/ trial contacts, and new glasses/frames and it was under $300. Luckily, my store was doing this great half-off sale and I got cheap frames & said no to the anti-glare. I was expecting it to be a LOT more. And since I don't have insurance either, it makes it harder.

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    I'm just like you, a -1 and I hardly ever wear contacts and never wear glasses!

    What angers me is that you can buy + glasses at any dollar store or pharmacy but to get a -1.00 set of glasses it'll cost me at least $40!!


    And so I go through the world blind.

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    I used to be really bad about wearing my glasses but my doctor said if he was driving & I was driving he'd hope that I was wearing my glasses. I've worn contacts ever since but I've already decided that my next pair of glasses will be Warby Parkers.

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    I love glasses!! I always thought they have been very fashionable… and I've always wished I could wear them. 😉 Matt recently took the jump from contacts to glasses and he has grown to love it. (Also, he's toooootally blind without either, heehee…)

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    This is so good to know about! Thank you! I am seriously exactly like you! I have pretty bad eyesight (can't read things from a distance and definitely can't make out faces). But my glasses are ugly and the thought of poking out my eye every day with contacts seems a little crazy!

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    Wow, that site sounds awesome! I wish I had known about it before, ha! My friends often times make fun of my sight, but I pretty much only where my glasses when I'm watching something or am traveling (and would most likely miss some really amazing sights if I didn't wear my glasses!) I'm so not a fan of them, though… I think I should get better frames that I'd actually love – that would probably help (I hope!!).

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    I'm not very good at hitting the optometrist every year, but I do wear my contacts every day… probably should give my eyes more of a break from them though!

    Thanks for passing along the site info!

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    Yes, I have been wearing glasses since the second grade and am now a contact lens wearer. I couldn't even dream of leaving the house without them because I am blind as a bat. If I were to tell you my RX you'd fall off your chair, LOL!!

    Great promo!

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    hmm. i've been lucky enough not to need glasses or contacts, but greg is blind as a bat without his. he likes to wear contacts, and he usually wears them longer than he's supposed to, which always freaks me out.

    get yourself some cute ones from that website and take care of those eyes, girl!

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