Absolutely Exhausted!


I’m exhausted.  Lets just get that out of the way right now.  This weekend totally kicked my butt.

Guess who didn’t get enough sleep Friday night?  This girl.  I don’t know what it was but I had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep.  Needless to say I was a little tired when I got to work Saturday.

I got killed.  I work 10 to 3 both Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday… I don’t know what it was.  I started off with a bad table and that just kind of wrecked my mood.  By the time I got home I was ready to cry.  I don’t even have a particular reason WHY, I was just spent.  Sunday… well, I got there and it was relatively slow.  I was begging for a table!  Then suddenly I had 6 different tables, one of which I ended up giving away to the girl that was doing expo because I never managed to get out to them.  It was just nuts.  By the time I was cut I was so ready to go home.  Sadly, my biggest tip was the table that the expo ran food for.  So guess who got it?  Yep, her.  Dumb.

Ryan’s ex Jen was visiting for the weekend.  On Friday Dustin and I went out to dinner with them at one of the local bars.  SO good.  I love bar food.  Sunday night I hung out in Ryan’s apartment.  It ended up being Ryan, Jen, Ryan’s friend Ryan and Jen’s parents.  Yes, we watched the Superbowl.  More on that later.  I don’t actually care about football AT ALL but Dustin went to some other friends’ house and I was to exhausted to go so rather than sit alone I tried to be social.

On Saturday night Dustin and I watched The Last Exorcism, which Ryan and Jen had rented the night before. Ryan claimed it was SO scary but honestly I thought Paranormal Activity was much scarier.  Dustin and I ended up having this talk about God and death and beliefs.  So maybe that’s why we weren’t totally into the movie.  It’s funny what we get to talking about when we watch scary movies and have a few drinks!

The Superbowl
Okay.  So I watched it.  Whatever.  I don’t understand football AT ALL.  But it was fun hanging out and eating food.  But you want to know what’s most exciting?  Football season is OVER.  Bring on baseball season!!

So that was my weekend in a nutshell.  Lots of work and being exhausted.  This week I work 5 days instead of 4 which I’m not excited for, especially since 3 of the 5 days will be mornings.  Ick.  Hopefully that means good tips at least!


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    Ugg, waiting tables is so exhausting! I waited tables for six years and when I went to grad school I swore I was NEVER going to wait on another table as long as I live. So far I have kept that promise, but it's such good money! Good luck with your five days this week and keep your chin up!

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    I know what you mean. This semester is killing me and I'm exhausted every single day. It never ends. Going to bed at almost 4am on Saturday certainly doesn't help the situation either!
    Can't wait to relax with the Bachelor tonight šŸ˜›

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    Oh I totally don't do scary movies.

    Sorry you are so tired…. no fun. I should have gotten a lot more done this weekend, but I caught up on some much needed rest and relaxation.

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    Hope you get to rest up this week! Sorry work was hectic for you. I'm the same way with football, I don't get it. I was more excited for commercials! Lol

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    I'm not a football fan, but so wanted to watch this year's superbowl and I wasn't disappointed (in the game and outcome) although I went to bed after the half-time show. Ha! šŸ˜‰
    Yay for Baseball season!!!!!! My favorite of all!:) And so sorry this weekend's been busy for you. :( Better times are ahead for all of us!

    Happy Monday!!!


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    i have to work weekends too, sundays are our busiest day. Yesterday I had one of my young girls actually ask me how to toast a tea cake. Give me strength.

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    I'm not huge on football myself. In fact, this is mildly embarrassing, I was rooting for the Steelers because they are Hufflepuff colors (yes, from Harry Potter). I'm unbelievable right? I'm one who thinks that Monday after the super bowl should be a holiday!

    On the bright side, Glee was on and Darren Criss was in the episode. :) I'm so glad I can expect it on Tuesday nights again!

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    Those are my sentiments when it comes to football. Fun to hang out and eat, but I never get what's going on. During the game I read a tweet from the Wall Street Journal saying no team had every recovered from a ten point deficit after half time and I was like 'Well why not? That's ONLY a touchdown and… some other stuff…' Haha, NO clue how you go about getting 3 points in that game. Oh well. I didn't even really care who won.

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    I started working Saturdays this month and going from 13 hours Friday to 6 Saturday absolutely kills me!
    I hope this week is off to a better start after your relaxing day today!

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    Love that picture!

    Waitressing was similar for me… 5 tables was my limit for good service. I dunno what it is about that 6th table. The main thing is making sure they're well staggered out.

    I remember I was one of the only people who would work Christmas Eve, which is strangely one of the busiest days of the year. One year, just me, 1 bartender and 1 other girl waited on the entire restaurant. Crazy, crazy day, but people were very understanding and I made about $200. :)

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    We ended up in the emergency room Sat night/Sunday morning with a freak hubby accident. By the time I parked myself in front of the Superbowl I fell asleep for the whole thing. Oops.

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    Sounds like a rough/fun weekend. I worked in restaurants for years, and I know just how draining it can be. Especially when you get a tough table. Good luck working 5 days this week, make sure to sleep lots! x

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    i know this feeling all too well, i've been super tired today after working full time, i'm so not used to it! i hope you were able to catch up on some zzz's the last couple of nights!

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