Prayers and Good Thoughts Needed

Could you all do me a huge favor?  Yesterday I got a text from one of my old co-workers at Caribou, Heidi Jo, telling me that another old co-worker, Elizabeth, was in a car accident.  Elizabeth survived and from what Heidi told me she has 5 broken ribs and a bad concussion.  Elizabeth was driving and her friend Anna, who was a passenger, died.  I found a news story about it here.  Anyway, if you all could please keep Elizabeth, her family and her friend Anna’s family in your thoughts and prayers I would really, really appreciate it.

Elizabeth and me – fall 2008

I’m kind of freaked out right now.  First Jake, who also worked at Caribou, and now Elizabeth.  I hope Jake was looking out for Elizabeth and maybe that’s why she’ll walk away from this okay.  I can imagine, though, that losing a friend will not be at all easy for her.  I know everyone involved are going to be in my thoughts.

Before I go, I do have a giveaway winner to announce.  I used to pick a winner of The Little Illustrator giveaway and the lucky winner is…

Congrats lady!  Shoot me an email and I’ll let you know how to collect your goodies.


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    Oh my gosh, that is so awful. I will pray for her recovery – both physically and mentally… I think the mental battle will be the worst of the two… Dealing w/ the grief and survivor guilty would be so tough. What an awful thing to go through. :(

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    Oh Krysten I am so sorry. Life can be so fragile. Of course I will keep these dear people and their families in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you are holding up well. Lots of warm wishes heading your way.


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    oh honey i'm so sorry! that is terrible terrible news. all of you, and all of their families are in my thoughts and prayers. even though it wasn't your friend's fault, she was the one driving, which means she may wrestle with unbearable guilt. she'll need strong support through this and hopefully she'll find counseling. my heart goes out to all of you!

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    Scary stuff. People have to use caution when driving on winter roads for sure. I know up in Duluth/Superior we have had the fluffy snow but it is so SLIPPERY that it's hard to drive really. So scary.

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    Done and done – I will keep Elizabeth, her family and you in my prayers. What a tough time for everyone :( Keep your chin up with positive and healing thoughts! xoxo

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