Little Sisters

Last week I let you all know who my “Little Sisters” are but now I want to do real introductions! Check out their intros and then do not forget to stop by their blogs and give them some love!

This is Jessie from I’m A Wife Now? and her husband Justin.  Aren’t they super adorable?  They were married on July 24th, 2010 and they are currently expecting their first child!  Jessie is from Minnesota (go Twins!) and she enjoys old cars, her dog Emmie and cat Koa, graham crackers with vanilla frosting and studying religion.  She’s currently going to school part time for cosmetology and she works full time as a receptionist.  The thing I love about Jessie’s blog is that is that you get a real feel for who Jessie is from her blog.  Even if she’s doing a meme you know that it’s all her and isn’t that exactly what blogs are supposed to be about.  I know if I met Jessie in person it would feel like I already know her because of her blog.  So go check her out and get to know her, I know you’ll love her too!

Say hello to Lynzi of Lil Mrs Housewife and her husband Mark.  Lynzi and Mark were married on September 11th, 2010 but have been together since 2004.  They bought their first home in 2009 and Lynzi is careful to tell you that it is their HOME, not just a house.  Lynzi loves cooking, baking, reading and writing and I seriously love the recipes that she posts on her blog.  Heck, I think sh needs to come here to Wisconsin and teach me a thing or two (or five or six, hehe).  Lynzi, like me, is participating in 101 in 1001 and I love some of the things on her list, like learn to use Photoshop, bake 10 different types of cupcakes (if only I lived near Lynzi in Texas so I could sample those cupcakes) and learn how to make paper cranes (I want to learn as well).  Lynzi is lots of fun and so is her blog so get over there and start reading!

Last but not least is Cole of Adventures in Love and Happiness.  Cole and her husband Justin were married on October 16th, 2010 and they live in their sweet house that their working on remodeling with their dogs Layla and Edie Sedgwick and their cat Jack.  Cole resides in Indiana and she loves to read, works hard with Justin on redoing their house and pretty much everything lovely.  On her blog Cole has a feature called Real People in Love which is so much fun; if you need to find a little joy in life simply check out this series.  How can you not be happy when you read about other people’s happiness?  Cole has also been participating in Vlog Friday, something I really think I need to do because I do want to do a vlog.  Obviously I’m behind the times.  Definitely go check out this super sweet couple and their adventures in love and happiness!

What are you waiting for?  Go check them out now!


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    I visited the first two, now off to check out Cole's page as well! Such a great program you started. This should definitely be an annual thing!

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    I've been away from the blogging world for a couple weeks so just found out about your Lil Sis/Big Sis thing and I think it is brilliant! What a great idea! And what a wonderful intro to these ladies…off to check them out! :)

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    i found your blog through a friends blog about your Lil Sis/Big Sis program. How do you go about being a part of that or is it too late? Im new to the blogging world and would love help with things.

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