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Okay well, the big news at Maurice’s is that my boss, Shannon, put in her two week’s notice.  This is ridiculous considering one of the assistant managers, Amanda, had to quit because she’s having surgery and they wouldn’t let her take the three weeks off that her doctor suggested she take.  Which means we are down to one manager, a manager in training and three associates.  So Amy, the only fully trained manager left, has been freaking out a bit, needless to say.  And while I understand Shannon’s reasoning from a business standpoint, I pretty much think it’s terrible to do something like this during the holiday season.  In the long run, though, I think we’ll be better off.  It’s terrible to have a manager who really isn’t in it anymore.  And she hasn’t been for awhile now.

I got absolutely nothing done yesterday.  I don’t think I was really sick but I was just feeling really TIRED.  So I sat around all day getting nothing done except for taking a nap and watching The Family Stone and Maid in Manhattan.  Which means that today I have a ton to do.  And again I am so not in the mood.  Yuck!

The best part of yesterday is that I received my giveaway goodies!  I won Oh, My Darling‘s giveaway awhile back, which was $25 to Mandipidy.  I chose the following:

Itty Lovies earrings in red
A Crocheted Flower Cuff in cream
They are so pretty and I cannot wait to wear them!  I suggest you drop by Mandipidy and check out the other cute things she sells!
Now I am off to do far too much schoolwork, ugh.  Wish me luck!

P.S. A huge happy birthday to Ang over at Football, Sushi, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Go give her some birthday love!


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    Oh that's not cool about work. I am constantly amazed at how self obsorbed people can be, and i notice it more at Christmas time! (off to shine my halo now :0)

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    Being overly tired TOTALLY counts as being sick, as you'll end up sick if you don't get extra rest. So…I am glad that you took the day slow and easy – and I hope that you are feeling better now!

    Congratulations on the win!! :)

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    Jealous… I'm hoping for some christmas/ birthday money so I can check out Mandipidy and score myself some treats too!
    Or I could try to hone my macrame skills and make my own cuffs like I've been procrastinating…

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    Good luck with the schoolwork & oh wow that seems like so much stressful drama at your job. I'm sorry to hear. Maybe after the new year when all the holiday stress has calmed down it'll be a lil better. Those lil items are so cute! Hope your feeling better too!! =) *hugs*

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    ummm.. can i just say, the things you've picked out are right up your alley – so you!

    Thanks for the birthday shout! YAY for 29 and one day closer to 30! :)

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    That does stink to have every leave like that during the holidays. But you are right in saying that it’s not fun to have a manger who isn’t in it anymore. And with that said, you are in fact better off.

    Those earrings are precious! Great win!

    Have a great day! :)

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    Oh, man, sorry about the problems at work. It's never fun when people short staff you, especially during a busy time! I hope everything works out.

    Wishing you lots of good luck and motivation to work on your schoolwork today!

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    I'm sorry you're feeling so worn out-I think that's the hardest part of finals, is finding the energy to finish it all up! Believe me, it kicked my ass in a big way, and they weren't even my classes!

    Hope schoolwork went well today-just remember, you're nearly done!

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    That sucks about your manager, but it does sound like you guys will be better off. :)

    I LOVE your giveaway winnings! Those earrings are too cute!

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