Okay so….

Lots of little random things going on.  My brain seriously has a list a mile long going on with everything that’s happening.  So…

  • I’m writing my paper today for my intro to business class and I’m actually excited about it!  It’s on entrepreneurship (I spell that wrong EVERY.SINGLE.TIME) and Etsy.  How exciting is that?
  • On Saturday we’re going to my in-laws for a party and my sister in law showed me a picture that my father in law sent her of the alcohol fridge.  Let me just tell you that Saturday will be interesting.
  • Still haven’t started Christmas shopping yet.  Yeah.
  • One of my favorite people at Maurices, Amanda, is leaving and I am SO bummed.  Seriously it won’t be the same without her.
  • My brother is moving in with us!  Long story short he wants to move closer to the Twin Cities and he found a new job and it all happened very fast.  He’ll be living in the big house with us for a month or two till my folks finish the downstairs apartment and then he’ll be moving into the apartment.  I’m excited!
  • Oh and just to let you all know, it is SO RUDE to be in a store at the register while on your cellphone.  And you don’t acknowledge the person ringing you up until you demand, “Did you give me my 20% off???”  Yes, I did.  And you’d KNOW THAT if you’d unglue your phone from your ear for two seconds.

Okay off to write my paper!  Happy Wednesday all!


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    Ugh, I used to HATE when people would talk on their cell phones while I was ringing them up. It was by far my biggest pet peeve. I would be blatantly rude to them – I figured that if they were being jerks, I might as well be one too. RUDE.

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    How exciting that your brother is moving in..Its so fun to have the whole family so close:) kisses,sweetie

    Ps: I am hosting a stunning leather clutch GIVEAWAY today, just in time for Holiday Parties!

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    How exciting you are going to have your whole family so close!
    Wow that is rude. I try so hard to never do that to the person who is checking me out.

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    It IS rude! I was a cashier at a grocery store for a long time & I also hated when they had their ear pieces in & I didn't know who the hek they were talking to…Hi, hello… & NOTHING back…debit or credit?… & NOTHING back. LOL Retail got to love it hah?
    x-mas shopping will get done don't stress…plus last minute deals perhaps :)

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    I keep forgetting you live in MN so every time I read your posts I get all excited ha! That is extremely rude to do that people have no common courtesy! and I hope you get everything done that you need to :)

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    NO DOUBT about being on your phone at the register. Or being on your phone when a waiter is trying to talk to you, and thereby ignoring him. Or whatever. SO COMPLETELY RUDE.

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    I've always said everyone should work retail at least once in their lives. I worked in fast food restaurants and stores as a teenager and it taught me a lot of respect and empathy for people today.

    I think a lot of people forget its a real person on the other side of that register.

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    LOL I remember working cash at Best Buy… and saying to all my coworkers every person alive should have to be a cashier at some point just so they'd know dropping manners at the door is NOT a good thing!!

    Best of luck on your paper!!

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    Good luck on your paper! I seriously am running behind on *everything* this year and definitely feel like a chicken without a head some days too (ok, most days :)).

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    wow, a lot going on – a lot of good things going on! i'm guessing you'll need to get your hangover kit ready for the weekend? :) and i'm sorry you'll be losing a friend at work, but i'm sure it will be fun to have your brother around at home!

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    I haven't started shopping yet either!!! Kinda starting to panic because work is insanely busy and I also just found out that I'm hosting xmas eve and day. Think I need to get my butt in gear, huh? :) xoxo

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    In August, two of my favorite coworkers (also the only other two part-timers who were also attending college) left and it was so sad. :( I miss them a lot, especially since one was just SO MUCH FUN to work with. Boo!

    That paper sounds like so much fun to write! Woo!

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    Oh boy, you've got so much stuff going on! I'm delighted to hear your brother will be moving in with you guys-this house was a genius purchase on your parents part!

    And yes, it is terribly rude to be on the phone at the register of a store. Several of the restaurants in the neighborhood where I work actually have signs that read, "Cellphone? No service." I love them !

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    Ugh, I know what you mean about the cell phones. I hate it when people come to the ER, then gab away on their phones when I'm examining them. HELLO! If you're so sick that you need to be in the ER, then you should be talking on your cell phone. If I ask them to put it away and they don't, I just start talking loudly to them as if they're not on the phone. I've got to much other stuff to do to wait around for them to finish their conversation!

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    Ugh, I totally hate when people are on their phones at the cash…I'm not a cashier but I find it so inconsiderate! Is your conversation really THAT important that you can hang up for two seconds!?

    On a brighter note, Saturday definitely sounds interesting!!!

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    I have bought ONE present and still have my Thanksgiving deco up. Think I need to get on the ball..

    I've been to several quick mart type places where the CLERK is on the phone and never says anything just takes the money!

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    yay for papers you get excited about!!! also, i havent started christmas shopping yet either…oops! and i agree about the cell phone at a register thing too, it is really disrespectful!

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    OMG I hate when people are at registers on their phone especially when they have those stupid earpieces in and it looks like they're talking to themselves, ugh. SO RUDE.

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    that drives nails up my back when people are rude like that. Or when the clerk hands out her hand for the money and they put it on the counter instead .. just rude.

    LOVE the post .. and your blog .. thanks for stopping by mines.


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    sounds like things are very exciting for you!

    and a christmas shopping hint, although you probably already know – etsy is a great place for xmas presents… and as i figured out today, Cost Plus World Market has some awesome presents

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    Christmas shopping! What's that?:-). I hate when people have horrible phone etiquette and So EXCITED for you that you're brother is moving in! Good luck on the paper. XX

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    I hate when people talk on their cell phones when they're being helped! So rude.

    It's cool that your brother is moving in, and even cooler that you're excited about it! :)

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    don't worry I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet either! I don't even have my tree yet! I'm excited to hear how the party goes Saturday. I bet it will be craazy :)

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    I know how you feel: I work at a hotel and the people I check in always feel the need to ring the check in bell, even though I'm standing right there…. grrr.

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