Oh So Lazy

Guess who had the laziest day ever yesterday?

I basically lazed around in bed all day reading The Hunger Games and watching all three Twilight movies.  Yep, I had myself a little marathon.  But since I’ve already seen all three movies multiple times I was able to get some reading in as well.  And so far I am LOVING The Hunger Games!

When Dustin got home we made breakfast for dinner and broke in our new electric griddle (thanks Ryan).  Oh my gosh, I don’t know how I ever thought that I didn’t like sausage.  Up until a year ago I thought I hated sausage.  But then one day I found myself craving it (sometimes I crave foods I don’t like, such as eggs and Chinese food) so Dustin bought some and I discovered I loved it!  Sadly, this is not the same story for eggs or Chinese food (except orange chicken).  Mmm, so delish.

Now, I have a bone to pick with someone.  I’m not going to call her out but needless to say that there is a certain blog I read that I’m about ready to stop reading.  Why?  Well she’s so NEGATIVE.  Every time I read her blog I walk away shaking my head.  Now, I’m a big complainer.  Ask Dustin, I like to complain.  But when it comes to things I post on the internet I try to keep it relatively positive.  It’s rare when I’ll write an entire post about only negative things. Anyway, I just hope that this person realizes that her life is not that bad and she had lots of happy things in it.

That is all.


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    I think maybe you should call her out on it. In a nice way of course. I know sometimes when my friends bring something to my attention, it makes me think twice sometimes. Kinda puts things back into perspective. So if this is someone you'd feel comfortable calling out- do it. Heck even if you don't totally know her, just do it. We all need a reminder at times that things aren't so bad, even if we think they are.

    Yay for the twilight marathon! We can all use more Edward Cullen in our lives!

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    Boo to the sausage. I'm an avid sausage hater. And I mean that in the food. I love me a good penis. Totally different.


    I think you should say something to her. There have been blogs that I have stopped following and I have actually emailed that person to say why I am not following. And I've done the same for deleting FB people. I mean, if someone stops following you or deletes you.. don't you kind of want to know why?

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    I try to stay positive in my writings too, but we all have bad days that we need to vent … I think my 'rant' label has 17 posts linked to it – not too bad for a couple years of blogging, right?! POSITIVITY RULES! :)
    I love how often you guys have breakfast for dinner!

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    Those are totally my lazy days… reading and watching lots of movies.

    I also don't like when blogs are either way to negative or too positive for that matter. I prefer a healthy balance, like the rest of us real women :)

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    Can we switch lives for the day? That sounds like heaven.

    I use my blog to vent occasionally. Maybe that person is just having a bad streak. Send them a nice message and remind them about the good in their life. Maybe send them Jared Leto, he sounds like a genius!

    In that case I hope you're talking about me and I will be expecting Jared Leto on my doorstep 😉

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    Glad to hear that you like Hunger Games! It's next on my reading list!!

    & Negativity is no fun at all! I've noticed someone on my Twitter that is very negative all the time. And frowny on her blog. Bet she would feel much better if she just smiled. 😉

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    i also try to stay positive in my writings but i don't really like airing my dirty laundry/negativity to others!! i also feel that even if you are done, staying positive can change your outlook and mood (even if it's "fake")!

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    thanks for the sweet comment love :)

    about the negative blogger, i think it would be kind of you to lightly mention to her that you notice she focuses a lot on the negative and that you are praying for grace and peace and that she is able to see the positive aspects of her life. keep it light. perhaps she doesn't realize her negativity and your comment may turn over a new leaf for her.

    happy new year! :)

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    Hey lady! You are totally inspiring me to have a lazy day, too! Besides, I've been hearing so many great things about The Hunger Games, so I definitely need to start reading!

    I agree about the negativity, too. I know that blogs are personal spaces, but truly, who wants to read a blog that is constantly filled with negativity? Not I, said the cat:)

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    1) Hunger Games = AMAZING
    2) I need to get all the Twilight movies on Blu Ray now that we have a ps3!
    3) I know what you mean about negative blogs. I finally stopped reading a certain girls' blog recently for the same reasons.
    4) <3

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    I'm loving that quote. I tend to stop reading blogs that are always negative, too. Sure, we all get negative sometimes but it's not good to be like that all the time.

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    i'm feeling the SAME way about a blog i follow! this person is actually the most negative on twitter, and i'm about to unfollow her on both. she complains about everything and never has anything nice to say, unless she gets her way. and it's so annoying! i understand that everyone complains, and we all can be negative sometimes… but ALL the time, 24/7? what an awful way to live. it just brings other people down!

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    I confess-I am dying to know who the Negative Nancy is! I know just what you mean-we're all so blessed, and even if things aren't going your way, finding the silver lining is a really good exercise!

    So glad you're enjoying some lazy time and sausages-absolutely my favorite breakfast food!

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    Oddly enough I was just talking to a blog friend today about another blogger who I've been noticing to be super negative lately. Negative to the point where I feel like I should just stop reading. I feel bad because we're the type that used to email back and forth a lot, but I don't even know how to comment anymore!

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    I don't like reading negative blogs either. I'd rather watch the drama on TV. Much more interesting :) That's a nice quote from Jared Leto. Somehow I can't picture him saying something like that because he looks so sad all the time! lol.

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    The more someone sits there and whines about things the more I want to stop reading. The amount of time they spend whining could be spent actually DOING positive things so life wouldn't BE so moan-worthy!!

    Also? Cannot WAIT to start the Hunger Games!

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    I'm glad you enjoyed your lazy day! I am enjoying many lazy days with my PTO this week.

    PS I saw a Maurcies when I was in AZ and I thought of you. I didn't have time to stop in and check it out, but I really wanted to!

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    Sowie! I'll be more positive! haha I am sure everyone has their moments in blog world and unfortunately for some people a blog is a good way to vent vent and most venting is complaing! I am totally guilty!

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