Looking Forward to Christmas

So you all know how I was so excited that I won 3 giveaways on Friday?  Well my luck did not continue.  Shortly after I found out about the third giveaway win I got the mail and found a statement from the IRS saying that we owe them $300.  We never got a form in the mail to fill out after we cashed some bonds so that income wasn’t recorded.  This should have been for our 2009 taxes.  Now, nearly a year later, they decide right around Christmastime that they want their money.  So $300 down the drain.  I am so mad.  Why wait nearly a year till Christmas to do that?  Merry Christmas IRS jerks.

My weekend was relatively boring.  I work on Saturday and Sunday and we were relatively busy, which at least made time go by fast.  Customers for the most part have been cheery and happy which is good; there’s nothing worse than cranky customers at Christmastime.

My parents were in town to continue working on the downstairs apartment of the house, which my brother will move into in a few months.  On Saturday my dad and Dustin drove the 4 hours to Green Bay to move most of Ryan’s things here.  He’ll live in one of the bedrooms in the house with us until the apartment is finished.  He’s staying in Green Bay for the rest of the month to finish work but on New Year’s Eve he’ll be here for good, yay!

I cannot believe it is the week of Christmas.  How did it get here so fast?  Dustin and I are going Christmas shopping at the Mall of America on Thursday.  We had to wait this long because until now I couldn’t work spending the extra money into our budget.  So I’m excited to finally be getting the shopping done and wrapping all the gifts.

On Christmas Eve we’re going to dinner at Dustin’s grandparents’ and afterward going to Dustin’s dad and stepmom’s house to spend the night.  We’re spending Christmas morning with them and Dustin’s sister and then later Christmas morning we’ll come back here to spend the rest of the day with my parents and Ryan.  I am so thrilled that we not only got to spend Thanksgiving with both our families but Christmas as well.  This house has been such a blessing for all of us.

How about all of you?  What are your holiday plans?


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    Sorry to hear about the IRS stuff..But congrats on all the wins! That is so cool:)My family is arriving tomorrow to stay with us over the Holidays and I cant wait to see them all:) Happy Monday,sweetie

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    my plan is to survive. ugh, seriously.
    having a boyfriend makes holidays a bit more difficult, but it sounds like we'll be with his parents on xmas eve, my family on xmas day, and his family on the 26th. THIS year is worked out… we'll see about next year.

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    I had relatively the same , silly people wanting money WAY too close to Christmas. :( And having 2 computers crash on me also last week….It SO wasn't my week either. I have to wrap a few more presents and get some stocking stuffers other then that I am done! Thank goodness!

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    Seriously, why does everyone seem to wait until Christmastime to collect on debts? It's incredibly evil. No worries though, Krysten; everything will work out for the best and Christmas will be amazing!! :)

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    I can't believe we're at this week of December already! We'll be having Christmas Eve and morning at home (very exciting with two little boys!) and then heading to my parents' house for a big, festive family dinner. I can't wait!

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    Lovely to be able to spend time with so much family during Christmas. I'm hosting a large dinner on Thursday, a Christmas morning breakfast for friends and then Christmas dinner for our families – haven't even started the grocery shopping!

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    i know, christmas is here! well, almost i guess. but the week before always feel extra holiday-y. i'll be sticking around los angeles, just me and the mister as opposed to visiting family. however, we will be surrounded with fun busyness and lots of friends. one of my best friends from college is having her wedding here the day after christmas. she lives in north carolina, so it's extra special to have her around this week. plus weddings are always great for reunions of lots of other friends, and yet another friend is returning from oversees today. yay!

    i hope you have an awesome week with your fam, and don't let those irs jerks get you down {you can deal with that next month}. :)

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    Phew your holidays sound like ours! Bouncing around. I don't mind though since we dont' have kids yet.

    Sorry to hear about your bad luck with the IRS! They really do have perfect timing don't they?

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    Yuck. I'm sorry about the IRS bill. That super stinks.

    Glad you get to spend the holidays with both sides of your family though! We get to as well, it's so nice. :)

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    Oh that does stink! That is yucky timing too! I owed the IRS once and was able to pay installments monthly thankfully.

    It's funny you say that about cheery customers (which doesn't that make your day better?!) B/c I was thinking this year how every single clerk has been so pleasant and SO helpful. And it's made my shopping exp that much better. Why can't EVERYONE just be nice huh? Sure would make the days nice. he he

    So great for your brother moving in sounds like a win win.

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    I'm sorry the IRS is sticking you guys just before Christmas-that's terrible! On the other hand, it sounds like your plans for this week will be wonderful!

    John and I will be trekking all over for the holidays-Dallas, Jersey, back to Dallas and finally home after the new year! I'm equal parts delighted and terrified!

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    Congrats on winning the giveaways but wow what jerks at the IRS!! I'm sorry to hear that. I was loooking forward to having extra money from my job with a bonus but they decided not to do it this year so I feel the money crunch time too. I have to go to the Mall of AMerica one day!! I hope your week turns out good!! Oh yeah December flew!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

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    The IRS sucks, they told my husband right before our wedding no less that his taxes from 2 years ago were incorrect and he owed thousands of dollars because of it! Turns out the CPA that did his taxes did them wrong and he got a bigger refund than he should have so NOW they want it repaid. $300 is definitely a bummer but be happy it's not more. Hope you have a great xmas.

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    So sorry to hear about the IRS – talk about party poopers! – and I'm hoping your luck turns around as well! I unexpectedly was away from the internet all last week due to work, so hoping to spend part of this holiday week catching up on lovely blogs like yours! :)

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    You are so lucky you are able to spend Christmas with both families! We are struggling with that this year. My family is up north in Duluth, so it really makes it hard to divide the time! Yay for Christmas this week!!

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    Ugh, Stupid IRS.

    I am a little jealous that you get to spend the day with both your families.

    I'm heading to Inspector Climate's house on Christmas Eve. Well spend Christmas with both sides of his family. and EARLY on Boxing Day we're headed camping for a week.

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    woohoo christmas week! (*still* trying to force my way into some christmas spirit)

    this week i'm going to:
    -try not to lose my damn mind at work
    -wrap gifts
    -bake something because it makes the house smell good

    ps – the tex thing TOTALLY blows, but this really made me l.o.l. as the kids say:
    "Merry Christmas IRS jerks."


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    oh NO! that is horrible. i feel like things like that always have the worst timing! :(

    I'm spending Christmas with my parents, brothers, and tons of family friends. We'll be gathering together to eat lots of yummy food, listen to records, and dance the day away! 😉 I hope you have a beautiful Christmas week, lovely. <3

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    Hi Krysten! Just wanted to thank you for commenting on my recipe post on Sandy's blog :)

    We're planning on spending a quiet Christmas with our families – looking forward to relaxing!!!

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