Formspring Day!

I’m in a very “bah humbug-y” mood today.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s the extra snow that we got yesterday, snow always makes me relatively unhappy (because it always seems to show up when I need to drive somewhere).  Or maybe I just need to add some more candy into my diet.

However, I’ve been noticing some new faces around here and thought it’d be a great time to have a Formspring day! 

So without further ado…


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  1. says

    I get grumpy when it snows too. I was thinking about it the other day and came to the same conclusion. I HATE driving in snowy weather. I used to love snow when I was young, but as soon as I started driving I started to hate it. :)

    PS. I love your formspring day idea! So cute. :)

  2. prettylittlereckless says

    I agree with the above commenter who said when someone asks them a question- mind goes blank! me too! Maybe I'll think of something though :)

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