Turkey Day and a Giveaway Winner

So I am off soon for my 10 hour work day at Best Buy.  I hope I come back but I’m worried I’ll get killed.  So if I don’t come back I hope you all will miss me!

Yesterday was insane.  My stomach still hurts.  We had turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, tons of cranberries and more pie than anyone knew what to do with.  Not to mention eggnog, beer and wine.  Wow.

My parents did the cooking (I do not cook) and Dustin, Ryan and I were here.  Then Dustin grandparents showed up with his dad and step-mom right behind and finally Taryn and her boyfriend Matt.  It was a really good time watching football and eating way way way too much food!

Dustin, me and Monte
3 pumpkin pies, a cherry pie and a peanut butter pie
Turkey and stuffing
 Dustin trying eggnog for the first time EVER
Everyone chowing down!
Lucy, Ryan and my dad ready for nap time

 Mom after the big meal

The boys couldn’t take it

Ready for bed!

It was a really great day and I’d love to make this kind of Thanksgiving a tradition!  Even though I was a bit stressed leading up to it everything worked out!
Now before I forget, I used Random.org to pick a winner for the Brilliance Found giveaway.  The lucky winner of the Feather Wrap Ring is entry #39, Tara of That’s Why Her Hair Is So Big, It’s Full of Secrets!  Tara, send me an email with your shipping info so we can get you your ring!
Happy Black Friday all!


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    10 HOURS AT BEST BUY!? Oh my gosh, I am hoping you don't die too! I work at Bath & Body Works and those ladies can be crazy, but no where near as nuts as techies! That and I'm only working somewhere around 5-7 hours. I'm guessing you will sleep like a baby tonight haha.

  2. says

    I didn't eat much because I wasn't feeling well and today I'm puking. Thanksgiving FAIL. :( But I managed to shop a bit today and even though I'm puking… I'm rearranging furniture for the tree. *sigh*

  3. says

    I am not American, and I don't celebrate Thanksgiving. At least, not in context to the spirit of giving thanks, until the other evening. However, notwithstanding the history of the holiday, the spirit of gratitude and family is a virtue, and I am glad that you got to spend the holiday in the presence of your loved ones.

    The photos look great — especially the pumpkin pie — and I am glad that you had a great time!

  4. says

    My husband was at Bestbuy this morning!!
    ….I was getting killed at QT the convenience store I work at, its right inbetween 2 market places and everyone was there last night and I of course was working by myself it was horrible I officially hate black friday! And I'm sure you do to after today!!lol

    oh and I do not cook either thankfully my B does!!

  5. says

    Looks like you had a very happy Thanksgiving–love the photos :)

    Yea, I'm STILL recovering from the food coma after Thursday's meal. But it was an excellent day.

    I guess you made it out of work alive on Black Friday?!

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