Is anyone else having trouble comprehending the fact that Thanksgiving is in a week!?  How did that even happen?

We are having Thanksgiving in our home this year.  This does not mean that I will be cooking.  Because if I was cooking we’d be having Easy Mac and canned cranberries.  My folks and brother will be here earlier in the week and hopefully my mom can show me around the kitchen a little bit.  I mean, I’m 27, I probably need to learn how to cook sometime, right?

This year we’re doing a joint Thanksgiving and I am super excited.  Like I said, my parents and brother will be here and Dustin’s dad, step mom and sister will be here as well PLUS possibly his grandparents.  Not to mention that Taryn’s boyfriend Matt will probably stop by as well.  This is the first holiday that we’ve joined our two families together and I have been excited for it ever since we moved in here.

Christmas is a whole different story.  But for now I’m content thinking about Thanksgiving and how fantastic it’s going to be!

For those that are celebrating it, how do you celebrate Thanksgiving?


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    Im from the UK, so we dont celebrate thanksgiving over here, but I wished we did…looking forward yo seeing what wonderful celebrations you guys get up to!

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    Thanksgiving was last month for us (I wonder why it's so far apart?), and we had a big Friends-style dinner where everyone brought a dish and we all played board games after. Lots of fun! :) Happy ALMOST Thanksgiving!

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    That's the best kind of Thanksgiving, everyone lending a helping hand. We are going on a little getaway this year so we'll be dining out, doesn't sound homey but we'll all be together so it will still be fun – no leftovers though, drat.

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    Last year Steve came with me to my aunts and left to go eat dinner with his parents, then came back (I'm hard to pull away from my family)… this year is the first year we've felt obligated to make it work together (and it sucks!). We are having Thanksgiving dinner with his family, then going to my aunts house for pie and games afterwards.

    Don't even get me started on Christmas….

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    It's so nice that both of your families are coming to celebrate with you guys in your home…Easy mac & canned cran lol my son would be all over that!
    Don't feel too bad about no cooking, I'm 27 and don't know how to iron…nor do I desire to learn.

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    Ah, your Thanksgiving sounds like it is going to be fantastical, Krysten! Thanksgiving is incredibly unconventional in my house – we spend it in our pajamas, and watch Christmas movies. Though, of course, we still have a huge dinner!! 😛

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    Your Thanksgiving sounds so fun! I'm still hopelessly amidst choosing 2 totally different ways to celebrate (same group of people, luckily :)) – but they'll both involve an enormous turkey!

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    I am hosting and cooking this year! I am so nervous BUT very excited. Both the BFs family and my family are coming but in shifts (thank goodness!) So cross your fingers that I don't burn the place down! Lol

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    I can't believe it's coming up so soon! I'm still a student so I'll be going home for a week. My parents are hosting it this year so we'll be having 14 people around our table this year. I'm so excited! I'm in charge of dessert this year =)


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    Last month I didnt do a thing. We usually dont celebrate it here. But last year I went out of my way and did the big turkey and had a dozen of people over.

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    I am sooo excited about Thanksgiving but dang, it got here fast! Like always, my mom and I will bake dessert and go to my grandma's house to have dinner. There's usually 14 of us, but 18 if my family from Georgia comes (which I hope, hope, hope they do!). It's fun!

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    I'm so excited that Thanksgiving is just days away-I preordered my turkey what feels like ages ago!

    John and I are doing our own little Thanksgiving this year, since it's hard to get to Texas and New Jersey from San Francisco in just 4 days, but it's so nice to have a quiet day full of nothing but cooking!

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    I am struggling. Every year I feel catapulted into the holidays and then they don't stop. However once they are over…summer is only that much closer 😉

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    Sounds cool! can't wait to hear how it went.

    I haven't celebrated Thanksgiving in 5 years (obviously not a Mexican holiday), but this year I think we'll have some friends over to our house for dinner on the patio.

    No idea what I'm going to make hahaha

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    i just had that revelation today too when i looked at the calendar. WHAT?! thanksgiving is next week?! i guess that's what happens when you are unemployed and not in school.

    and, because we had no idea it was the holidays, we don't have any plans whatsoever. but we have some family nearby, i'm sure we'll whip something up. dannon and i have always done orphan holidays with whoever sticks around because our families live too far away.

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    Ugh, I CANNOT believe that Thanksgiving is less than a week away! Are you ready for Black Friday next week? Personally I'm dreading it. I'm working 5am to 5pm, lol. Hopefully the day flies by!

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    Ugh, I CANNOT believe that Thanksgiving is less than a week away! Are you ready for Black Friday next week? Personally I'm dreading it. I'm working 5am to 5pm, lol. Hopefully the day flies by!

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    Seriously I was so confused why some people were wishing people Happy Thanksgiving yesterday on Thursday. Weird! But anyways, I love Thanksgiving and how families get together for this special day. It'll be exciting to learn how to cook at the same time, lol. I'm glad I'm not the only one that needs to learn how to cook some other things too. I hosted Thanksgiving back in college and I was SOO stressed out all day not knowing how mothers can have fun, cook without getting stressed & manage to cook so many things at the same time.

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