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About a month ago I was approached by a website called eShakti.  I’d heard of them before and when they offered to send me a sample of anything from their site I was incredibly excited.

Some really neat things about eShakti:

  • They carry sizes 0-26W, which is fantastic because it means there is something for every kind of woman, every kind of shape.
  • You can submit your measurements for custom styling and it only costs an extra $7.50.
  • All orders, including anything custom, ships in 3 business days, delivery at 7 to 8 business days.
  • Shakti means “power” in Sanskrit so eShakti means power of the Net.  They believe that the internet empowers customers and helps companies be customer-centered.

If you haven’t been to the website, you should.  They have a ton of cute stuff and it definitely took me awhile to choose what I wanted to order from them.  Some of my contenders were:

I have to say I’m pretty in love with the dress I received and can’t wait to wear it over the holidays! I wish I could share a picture of it with you all but unfortuntely it’s not on the website anymore. However, I gotta say I’m so happy with it!

My only warning is be sure to go to a professional to get your measurements if you’re going to do the custom measurements on the site (which I so recommend, by the way, it’s like getting a dress custom made for your body). I’m lucky my dress looks amazing despite having had my hubby take my measurements, but it was kind of a ridiculous process, which wouldn’t have been the case with a professional.

Now go shopping at eShakti and find something you will LOVE.

Edit: I’ll be modeling the dress sometime during the holiday season so I promise pictures the minute I wear it!


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    yeah, i'm always leery of ordering clothes from a place i don't know in real life to try on their sizes. even when i've given exact measurements, it's never quite right and varies from shop to shop. so i usually just alter everything myself. i like the concept of eshakti, but i don't like their color selection and i've been curious about the accuracy of their sizes. still, they have some pretty cute stuff and i love that first dress you posted. can't wait to see you in your dress!

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    It's a cute dress! But if I'm paying for custom measurements, it better be right! Although if their prices are good and it is still custom then I'm happy 😉

    What's their return policy?

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    I'm still a little puzzled about the customizable aspect of these dresses (can you really add a sleeve to ANYTHING?!) but I think the concept is pretty ingenious! Such a good reminder about user error!

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    My friend showed me this site awhile ago and I LOVE it! They have the cutest stuf. But your opinion was great-I'm always weary of online shopping so any tips are great :) Thanks

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    OK- can I say I hate the dress pictured? It's too… um… casual and dressy trying to be friends. Like you couldn't really pull it off anywhere. But I will say I'm ubber picky about stuff. But I do need more dresses..

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    Okay I'm so glad you did this post and I appreciate the review. They asked me and I wussed out…please show us your dress. I like the concept and would love to see how it turned out.


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    I'm so glad you posted this. They sent me a dress and I haven't wrote the review yet. I got it on Friday and was really disappointed. I had mine custom fitted as well and it was way too big… plus the fabric (which was houndstooth) had major flaws in it. Did yours have a packing slip in it?

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    You know, I really like your taste. I like the dress that you selected, and even with the previous giveaways that you had, I liked the accessories that you selected, especially the feather ring and the watch necklace (though I currently own something similar).

    Looking forward to seeing the photo of you wearing the dress. =)

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